Saturday, October 1, 2016


I'm on a 7-day straight work week right now as this is my weekend to work. Which means I won't be going to church tomorrow. 

Now it's not very often I miss church. I've been going every Sunday with few exceptions since I was about 20. My life had been spinning out of control and I basically cried "Jesus, take the wheel!" I figured the best way to get to know the guy now in the driver's seat was to go to church.

Sadly, most churches are dwindling down to gray haired saints keeping the faith. But there are lots of good reasons to still go to church. 

For on thing, there is a great sense of community, where we can support and help each other. Here is a pic I took a few years ago of my church community:

We are fortunate to have a healthy mix of both young and old!

That's Glen, our oldest member with Andrew, our best hugger!

You can have opportunities to travel and make new friends

Or pretend to be Indiana Jones!

And you can sing your heart out with the band

I know how busy our lives are and Sunday is the only day you can sleep in. But what is a couple hours on a Sunday morning? Sunday afternoons are a great time for a nap. I believe you are made up of Body, Soul and Spirit all of which need to be fed and nourished. The church is called "the body." Each part is important and needed. But if you cut off a finger or lose an eye the Body will live on; the body part, separated, will not.

Next week is Thanksgiving, one of my favourite times to go to Church and acknowledge the many blessings I have. Maybe you too, will consider it's time to Take me to Church!

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