Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cats, Dance and Strawberries

I've a busy weekend. Moments of peace, moments of chaois, moments of tension and excitement. All because of cats, dance and strawberries!
Let's start with the cats. I had to take Frodo and Claire in for the annual check-up and shots. Now Frodo is 10 and beginning to slow down. He was not happy about the vet visit and I knew it. He hunkered down, flattened his ears and gave me a look that said "I hate you right now." But he did not make a fuss, just put up with the prodding and poking. Claire, on the other hand, is 17 years old but she acted more like a feisty, feral wildcat. She hissed and slashed and growled and carried on like a banshee. It took 3 of us, some gloves, and a towel to complete the shots. I thought for sure, this whole chaotic process was going to kill her....but no....she lives on, and on, and on....
On to the strawberries! It's strawberry season here and they are ready for the picking. So a friend and I went out to a farm and sat in this beautiful, peaceful field with ruby red berries peeking out under every green leaf. The beauty of just sitting there, barely having to move, the scent of the berries and fresh country air was enough to put any anxious soul at ease. We came home laden with baskets full and a froze a bunch for a cold winter morning when I need to remember the peace, warmth and beauty of a strawberry patch.
Finally the tension and excitement of the dance show! I've finally culminated this dance process with the big show at a local theatre. There was chaos backstage with little kids, some barely 3 crying and wanting their mommies or having to pee. One of the girls came upstairs from the change rooms stating "don't go down there, there are a lot of angry little tutus!" People running around trying to change for their next number, or waiting excitedly, warming up for their turn to go on. My group had to perform 3 times, one at each show and believe me the excitement and physicallity of the whole thing wore me right out!
Yup - I've lived a lifetime all in one weekend.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's a good feeling when you are a part of a team, part of a family or in the thick of community.
We all want to feel we belong.
As a teenager I spent most of my evenings hanging around downtown with the riff-raff. And we were a community - it was us against them (them being cops or authority figures). It was a terribly dysfunctional community but one you felt a part of nonetheless.
Presently I'm part of a dance class and this is a unique community of it's own. We speak the same language (or at least I try!) and we have a goal - to make this creative process work and flow.
The other day I was sitting on my front steps. They are your basic 70s cement poured that get all nice and warm in the sun which explains why the cats are always laying on them. On the top of the steps there was this ant struggling with the dead carcass of a spider (I'm NOT good with spiders but this one was dead so I was OK). It was attempting to maneuvre it down the steps which were like crawling down mountains for this ant. It was very determined and I watched it's progress with interest. Eventually the ant caught a good breeze which blew it down all the steps to the pavement. The ant continued to drag this thing along and I thought well, you've succeeded in getting it down the what. There was more trouble ahead! Once the ant arrived in the grass getting that dead spider through this jungle was even more difficult as it kept getting hung up in the blades of grass. But the ant carried on....on it's own. Finally, it must have been getting closer to home for soon there was a bevy of ants (more like uncles and aunts) there to help out. Community had arrived and they were soon making steady progress with their prize.
The Body of Christ is a Community - we have our Head (Christ) and we are all parts of the body, ideally working together and functioning as a healthy unit. There is so much we can get done when we work together! And everyone plays a part, everyone belongs, everyone is needed. It is always a sad thing when someone feels they don't belong and are not necessary or vital and eventually they slip away.
Let's do our best to encourage our family, spiritual or otherwise. Let them know they are loved and wanted, because they are!