Saturday, October 22, 2016


I love October, it is one of my favourite months. So I took a week off work to enjoy the show! Alas, there was very little time to kick back and be in holiday mode.

I had things to do....I was Taking Care of Business!

Ever looked in your fridge and went.....hmmm... how long has THAT been in there? Time to give it a good cleaning.

I'm Taking Care of Business!

Then it's off to the Lawyers to revise that long overdue Will. Revisions have been made and we are good to go. Cha-Ching!

Next up was the Dentist for a cleaning. My hygienist, Andrea, always does a great job on my pearly whites.

Thanks Andrea!

I'm on a roll, why stop there? I take all 3 pets, at once, to the Vets for annual check ups. I was serenaded in the car all the way there by 2 cats howling and one dog panting nervously in the background.

Old Man Frodo wasn't in the mood to give me the thumbs up sign. Had to do it for him. 

Now before you tell me to take a chill pill I did go for a drive in Prince Edward County with my girlfriend. The weather was perfect, the colours breath-taking and I got a head start on some Christmas Shopping. 

Why not have a dinner party? Chicken pot pie, warm salad with roasted vegetables and Hot Chocolate cake for dessert!

Thumbs up on that!!

Today I got a head start on raking all those leaves that insist on falling.

That was my week. Between the Lawyers, the Vets, the Dentists and Christmas shopping it would seem Taking Care of Business can get pretty pricey. Time to give my Visa Card a break and get back to work.

Thumbs Up!

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