Monday, October 10, 2016


A couple of weeks ago I got a new Fitbit Charge 2. I joined the Fitbit phenomenon last year when my Mom picked me one up for my birthday. 

My new one has all sorts of cool features like monitoring stats on not just how many steps I take but different activities like treadmill, weights, biking, or a basic workout. It monitors my heartbeat (a steady 60 beats is my average, thank you very much) and has a party on my wrist when I hit 10,000 steps or nudges me to get take a stroll if I've been sitting on my arse for too long. 

Yes, I'm firmly entrenched in the grasp of the Fitbit, which rules over my physical activity with an iron fist. 

But it's thanksgiving. And the Turkey is perfect!

A time to give thanks, get together with family and eat.

Eat a lot. Eat indulgently, bordering on Gluttony. 

Cause Dad made his lemon pie, you see.

And I made these little bite-size pumpkin and grape jelly tarts

So, there will be no 10,000 steps made and I'm ignoring those nudges telling me to back away from the table, get up and give me another 250 steps you lazy, gluttonous  human. 

Sorry Fitbit, but it's Thanksgiving.

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