Friday, July 30, 2010

The Air I Breathe

I was on holidays last weekend and part of that included a family camping trip to Algonquin. And this people is the air I breathe.
This is the life blood that revives and strengthens me.

I need to see things like this...

I need to smell, taste, touch and hear the sounds of a canoe on the water

And I can't help but wonder at the beauty created around me and how, in a short span of 5 months, this same environment that welcomes me with warmth and greenery will be white, cold and still. Truly, God is keen on variety!
We had a great time eating....


And just enjoying the scenery!

And then, I head back home and I sit in my "pod" in the office, with no window and the windows that are available do not open!

And that is why this is the Air I Breathe, the Air I Need to Breathe!

In a couple of weeks I have another vacation time coming up which will be spent at a a lake....with the wind whispering in the pines and loons crying at night and dragonflies stopping by to say hello with their shimmering, iridescent coloured wings.

And I will be ready and refreshed for another year - to do the business of work and life.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Anybody for Freshie?

The other day at work a co-worker mentioned the word "Freshie". there's a word I have not heard in a while!! I doubt my kids would even know what it means. Funny how "Kool-Aid" is still kicking around but Freshie has disappeared along with "groovy" and "far out."
I started to thinking about all the hip words that come and go, words we never say anymore, words we never even need to say anymore. Coming even faster are the new words to fit our technology - blogging for example. How funny would the word blogging sound to someone 50 years ago?? If you asked them what they had thought a blog was who knows what the answer would be. Something from a swamp, a monster similar to "The Blob"? I believe "The Blob" was all the rage about 50 years ago....but I could be wrong.
So here's to all those long forgotten words that used to be so much a part of our vocabulary. If you are a reader, you are a lover of words and it seems to be a shame to pack them all away. Maybe I'll start re-inventing the word "Freshie". Start putting it out there again like "Boy isn't that a freshie!" meaning new and hip or something like that. Or "She's a real freshie!" as in a big flirt.
So I encourage you all - if you have a word you once upon a time had a great fondness for that seems to be shelved, pull er out, breathe some new life into it, and let's see what happens!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Market Day

After surviving that nasty flu bug and getting my energy back I took an early trip down to the local farmer's market. Too bad I could not (and still can't) smell anything but the visual was wonderful! A trip to the market is enough to sooth any soul. Enjoy the photos!

Potatoes! Birthed from the Earth


Remember to eat your vegetables

These bottles were so pretty in the sun

Berries for Dessert!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back In the Saddle

I've had a good run - for over two years I've been perfectly healthy. But all good things come to an end, they say and WAM - it hit me. For the past week, I've had a cold, a flu a whatever.
Sore throat - check
Painful ears - check
Achy - check
Feverish - check
Upset tummy - check
Coughing all night - check etc. etc....
I'm on the mend now, coming out of the fog and beginning to get my energy back. Of course, I kept going to work and of course I kept doing the household chores. But finally I'm beginning to feel like I can accomplish these things without having to hit the couch for an immediate nap. In the midst of this nasty business I thought I would try and make myself feel better. So, one night, I took some aspirin, laid down for about an hour, felt the drugs kicking in, announced to my husband I have about an hour before I crash again and headed out the door to buy an I-Pad. What a pertty toy it is and certainly helped to while away the hours in bed or on the couch. And just so you know - I saved my pennies for about 6 months - try not to buy toys on credit people. Not a good idea.
I must say - photos and videos are amazingly clear. Apps are taunting me - looking for my money and some will certainly win. I've downloaded the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and I'm doing my first E-book read. Some change is hard to take and some is easy. The I-Pad technology falls under easy and fun to be sure. So I'm back in the Saddle with an upgrade.