Saturday, October 22, 2016


I love October, it is one of my favourite months. So I took a week off work to enjoy the show! Alas, there was very little time to kick back and be in holiday mode.

I had things to do....I was Taking Care of Business!

Ever looked in your fridge and went.....hmmm... how long has THAT been in there? Time to give it a good cleaning.

I'm Taking Care of Business!

Then it's off to the Lawyers to revise that long overdue Will. Revisions have been made and we are good to go. Cha-Ching!

Next up was the Dentist for a cleaning. My hygienist, Andrea, always does a great job on my pearly whites.

Thanks Andrea!

I'm on a roll, why stop there? I take all 3 pets, at once, to the Vets for annual check ups. I was serenaded in the car all the way there by 2 cats howling and one dog panting nervously in the background.

Old Man Frodo wasn't in the mood to give me the thumbs up sign. Had to do it for him. 

Now before you tell me to take a chill pill I did go for a drive in Prince Edward County with my girlfriend. The weather was perfect, the colours breath-taking and I got a head start on some Christmas Shopping. 

Why not have a dinner party? Chicken pot pie, warm salad with roasted vegetables and Hot Chocolate cake for dessert!

Thumbs up on that!!

Today I got a head start on raking all those leaves that insist on falling.

That was my week. Between the Lawyers, the Vets, the Dentists and Christmas shopping it would seem Taking Care of Business can get pretty pricey. Time to give my Visa Card a break and get back to work.

Thumbs Up!

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Some people relish change, even thrive on it. Some people avoid it. I'm somewhere in the middle.

Today was a glorious day - warm, golden with a cool breeze, but I'm coming to the end of my back yard time which means yard work and lots of it. 

I started with trimming down flowers, now past their prime. Some though, were still hanging in. I could not say good bye. 

My rose bush has struggled all summer and now I have this one little bloom.

Some people, when they are coming to the end of: a relationship, a job, a life, they stay strong to the very end.

Next up was to take down the covering on the gazebo. I've come to the end of my coffee time out there and I will now move inside to the big comfy chair by the fireplace. 

But this is a job for tall people, which I'm not. However I am independent and somewhat stubborn. So I go looking for a ladder, which I find, up high for tall people. 

I find a chair, clamour up on it (short people are good at that) and wrangle that ladder down, only to find it is still too short for the job. 

I need the BIG Ladder. I find that one, which is twice as tall as me and manage to get it under the gazebo. But there is more trouble ahead! As I'm taking down the canopy a Big, Fat Spider drops down right in front of me. Lord Ha' Mercy - I nearly started hyper ventilating. There it hung with an abdomen I swear, as big as my thumb. It can get difficult when you are coming to the end of things! But you have to keep moving forward. So I found myself a broom and helped Fat Albert down to the ground. 

Up the ladder I went. The backyard looks pretty good from this vantage point!

When you are coming to the end of something you soon find you have a different point of view. 

With great difficulty, I get the canopy off and from the top of the ladder throw both arms in the air giving myself a full Victory sign!

 After a whole lot of trimming, picking up plants, ladder and spider wrangling and the canopy packed and put away, I'm ready to for a nap. 

If you are coming to the end of something I hope you stay strong to the end, that you come through victorious no matter what you face and discover, in the end, you can see things differently. 

Monday, October 10, 2016


A couple of weeks ago I got a new Fitbit Charge 2. I joined the Fitbit phenomenon last year when my Mom picked me one up for my birthday. 

My new one has all sorts of cool features like monitoring stats on not just how many steps I take but different activities like treadmill, weights, biking, or a basic workout. It monitors my heartbeat (a steady 60 beats is my average, thank you very much) and has a party on my wrist when I hit 10,000 steps or nudges me to get take a stroll if I've been sitting on my arse for too long. 

Yes, I'm firmly entrenched in the grasp of the Fitbit, which rules over my physical activity with an iron fist. 

But it's thanksgiving. And the Turkey is perfect!

A time to give thanks, get together with family and eat.

Eat a lot. Eat indulgently, bordering on Gluttony. 

Cause Dad made his lemon pie, you see.

And I made these little bite-size pumpkin and grape jelly tarts

So, there will be no 10,000 steps made and I'm ignoring those nudges telling me to back away from the table, get up and give me another 250 steps you lazy, gluttonous  human. 

Sorry Fitbit, but it's Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


I'm on a 7-day straight work week right now as this is my weekend to work. Which means I won't be going to church tomorrow. 

Now it's not very often I miss church. I've been going every Sunday with few exceptions since I was about 20. My life had been spinning out of control and I basically cried "Jesus, take the wheel!" I figured the best way to get to know the guy now in the driver's seat was to go to church.

Sadly, most churches are dwindling down to gray haired saints keeping the faith. But there are lots of good reasons to still go to church. 

For on thing, there is a great sense of community, where we can support and help each other. Here is a pic I took a few years ago of my church community:

We are fortunate to have a healthy mix of both young and old!

That's Glen, our oldest member with Andrew, our best hugger!

You can have opportunities to travel and make new friends

Or pretend to be Indiana Jones!

And you can sing your heart out with the band

I know how busy our lives are and Sunday is the only day you can sleep in. But what is a couple hours on a Sunday morning? Sunday afternoons are a great time for a nap. I believe you are made up of Body, Soul and Spirit all of which need to be fed and nourished. The church is called "the body." Each part is important and needed. But if you cut off a finger or lose an eye the Body will live on; the body part, separated, will not.

Next week is Thanksgiving, one of my favourite times to go to Church and acknowledge the many blessings I have. Maybe you too, will consider it's time to Take me to Church!

Sunday, September 25, 2016


I pulled out my mittens to walk Lulu this morning. The air is brisk and chilly. The early morning sky fading from deep royal blue into a lighter rich amaranth. This means my hands and feet will be everlastingly cold for at least the next 6 months! On the plus side, it is Harvest time and despite the drought we endured, our downtown market is rich in produce. 

So It's time to celebrate it! That and the fact that our Market is turning 200 years old. Sheldon and I went down to check out the party so be ye prepared for a bevy of pictures. In fact, as it is Autumn, I'm likely to be snap happy for the next couple of months. 

We are blessed to have such an abundance!

This cake, celebrating our Market, was longer than I could get in the frame 

Sheldon enjoying a pear and curry pizza

These tarts were beyond beautiful, but I resisted.

I got to pet a skunk AND a python. The python's name is Fluffy as appointed by a 4-year-old. Some people are REALLY good at naming pets!

There were lots of activities for the kids. This little train would have sent my son into a lather back in the day. Actually, it still might...I will have to ask him.

And of course there are pumpkins to carve!

Inspired by the market goodies, I made a meal of Turkey breast with roasted root vegetables: sweet potato, brussel sprouts and peppers and mushrooms. 

Today they are having a community meal down at the Market and that big ole cake will be devoured. We have so much in Canada and it's time to celebrate the Harvest.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Let me tell you about last Saturday night. I was home alone as Sheldon was out and my Ballerina away for a modelling gig. Nothing better than puttering in the kitchen so I made a couple of soups (squash/pear and a sweet potato/red pepper) to store for those cold winter nights. I was listening to a great blues program on CBC when it began to be interrupted by an irritating high frequency sound. Then a man's voice came on warning us of dangerous weather and a possible tornado. He meant business! And indeed there was a storm brewing outside. 

I continued to putter but now the irritating high frequency sound was coming about every 10 minutes, interrupting my great blues program! This time it was a woman's voice warning of impending danger but she sounded more like your mom does when she says something like "now if you don't go to bed Santa won't come!". She was warning us alright, but her tone was cautious and warm, all at the same time. 

I took stock of my surroundings - where's the cats  (they are wisely in the basement where I plan to head should nature call). Lulu is none too worried but I will drag her down there with me. Water nearby, grab some soup I just made, flashlight, cell phone - CHECK.

I sat in the dark and watched an amazing light show outside, listened to the rain tap dancing on the cars, thunderous booms, and the wind whipping around. Nothing to disconcerting. 

But it was another story down in Prince Edward County- a mere 25 minute drive from me! A tornado did indeed make it's presence known. Fortunately no one was hurt. We went and checked out the damage the next day:

A deck skewered through by a tree branch

Trees snapped and splintered

Ironically, kayaks and boats were right where they had been left, but the tree was twisted and trashed. It would seem the tornado was not quite touching the ground!

This one was shaken, lifted and stirred!

We have had so little rain this summer and I think only about 3 thunderstorms. I was actually enjoying it in my little corner of the world. But still, stormy weather is not to be trifled with. Just ask the County folk!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


You know, if I was smart, I would save this blog for closer to Christmas! But I've had a hectic week and "comfort" and "joy" are what I'm seeking out right now.

My calendar, much like yours, has gone September-psycho with events filling up all the spaces and overlapping. There are music lessons, group meetings, church meetings smushed in with work, housework and a wee bit of me time.

When I was little, I had a beige blanket with a silky edge that I would snuggle and rub as I sucked on my finger. It was a great comfort to me. I don't suck my finger anymore and blankey is tucked away, but I have Lulu's silky soft ears to caress and nuzzle

These fall under the "COMFORT" category

But, then, there are her eyelashes which she bats at me and gives me what I call "the soft look" when there is food nearby.


Food is always a comforting thing and we all have our favourites. My Mom gave me what she considered as the "perfect peach". She waited and watched until it was just right. Then she gave it to her daughter. 

I barely touched this photo - it truly was the perfect peach.

Inside and out! - COMFORT

My pets often bring me comfort and joy together. Sasha, my minuscule Russian Blue, curls herself up perfectly when she sits, like a little statue. I Love the way she tucks in her tail and anchors it with her little feet!


Hey! How about some Popcorn?!

It's amazing how well this stuff goes with Red wine - COMFORT

My days for morning coffee outside in the garden will soon come to an end and I will move inside to the big comfy chair beside the fireplace. Yet, I have received much joy in my times of prayer and mediation as I gaze at what I call "the Golden Tree" in the next door neighbour's yard. It reminds me of warmth, solidness and time spent camping. 

It brings me JOY

There is a quote attributed to a number of people, including Plato that goes along this line:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a 

battle you know nothing about"

I may know of some of your battles, or I may not, but I know they are real, tangible and some are incredibly hard. 

I bring you tidings of Comfort and Joy - I hope you can search out some for yourself.