Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Problem with Practical

In many respects, I'm a practical person. To be practical means "mindful of the results, usefulness, etc., of action or procedure; sensible." Yup. That sounds about right....I'll consider the actions to complete a task, ponder what is the most "sensible" or in the case of buying something, analyse it's "usefulness" and make my decision based upon the results. For example, why buy a mega bulk size bag of carrots, even though it is cheaper when there are only 3 people in the house and  we will never eat said mega size bag before they go rotten? The practical thing in my mind would be to buy the appropriate size bag of carrots that I know will be eaten and not thrown out. 

The problem is, practical people rarely do extravagant things....not very sensible you see. A waste of time, money and effort. And sometimes it's good to be extravagant.

We live in an amazing world full of both practical and not practical things and processes. The growth of a plant is very practical. It grows, produces, feeds other things around it, reseeds, dies and starts the cycle all over again. But sometimes I look at the incredibly beautiful flower produced, a God made miracle, that only lasts a short time and its gone. Snowflakes are individual works of art that disappear as fast as they float down. Now that is extravagant! And not practical! 

So I'm trying to simmer down my practical side and think extravagantly. It's not that I'm not generous; I am and I love giving as much as I can. It's just that where I PERSONALLY am concerned, I have a hard time thinking in extravagant terms. Maybe it is the 20 plus years of mothering in me....

Wish me luck, I will do my best to not shut down an idea, person or object that comes my way with a big extravagant red bow on it. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Morning Walk

I am participating in a Health and Wellness Program at work for the next month. We are recording different activities from physical fitness to giving out hugs and random acts of kindness. And we are supposed to prove it. They are very hard core about this program... So, for the sake of posterity, here is my morning walk at 5:30 am.

 All ready to go! Basically, Frodo does his own thing and Amelia is stuck with me.

My street is beautiful right now! 

This tree is stunning at this time of the year. I have a bit of tree envy over it.

I have yet to spot said "Wile E" Coyote or, for that matter, an accompanying Road Runner....

You will just have to trust this is me at the other end of the yellow leash. I can assure you, there will be no morning portrait at 5:30 in the morning, especially at my age....

May is one of my favourite months, a perfect month to get out and stretch, smell the flowers, fall in love, dust off your bike, barbecue and the list goes on and on. Not too hot, not too cold. Like Baby Bear's porridge, it is just right.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Since I have been so delinquent, I thought I would provide a quick summary of what's new in my life. That way, we will be all caught up in one quick post! the past couple years, here is the run down.
I have a new job at work in Palliative care.
We have a new car. At least, new for us.
This is also new:

Her name is Sasha and I picked her up at a Shelter in Hamilton, Ontario. She is beautiful Russian Blue. Sweet, a lap cat and curious. 

I was able to travel to Italy (check that one off my Bucket List!). We took the whole family and it was the trip of a lifetime

I have a new billet/ballerina. Her name is Nami and she is from Japan. 
I recently travelled out west to Kelowna, Banff and Calgary. This country is beyond description!

Also, this is Morrie, the Cello.

My family also helped me pick this one off the Bucket list, by picking Morrie up for Christmas. I'm learning to play.... working on it.....

I have a new book out, "Growing Up Quinte", which I co-wrote with my father. 

This is new - and old. My eyes are old and getting older, but a few years ago, I had laser eye surgery. So they see things differently. Better, but not perfect. 
My daughter spent a year in Japan and just recently returned home to Canada.
My son is starting his last year in University for Civil Engineering.
Both have a new boyfriend and girlfriend!

That about wraps it up. We can start fresh from here!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Best Watch Those Quiet Ones!

We have just returned from a week long trip. I have been trying to adjust to 3 different time zones in 7 days. It began with a flight out to Kelowna where we met up with friends and our daughter who was returning from Japan, from there we went to Banff and then to Calgary to visit family before we flew home. Just one week away from the commonality of daily life. The routine and sometimes drab things I do every, cleaning, working, etc. 

But let me be honest here.
I get so terribly homesick.....this aching in my heart for my home and comforts therein. I've learned to push it back, ignore it, while I am away or I will hardly enjoy my adventure elsewhere. When I know the day has arrived for our return home it hits me like waves, flooding over me, this longing need to be home and I can not contain it. 

I asked my daughter on our return flight her perspective. Here is a girl who barely stays in one place long enough to root. She has lived all over and right now her residence is still only temporary with some time in Canada before she then flies off to work in England. "Don't you miss home?" I ask.
To her, home is not really a place. It is wherever she is and is feeling comfortable.

Soo....not me.

I'm one of those quiet ones, with deep emotions rumbling around underneath one would never know about. It is not only places I attach to, but people, animals, occasionally even things. 
I feel everything so deeply, passionately and I cry on hellos and goodbyes. You may think some balance is in order. Get a grip girl! I would have to agree. This is a very painful way to live. If you are gonna love big, you are gonna grieve big and believe me, I feel the intensity of emotion. Alas, "IyamwhatIyam" as Popeye would say. 

So when we finally drove into the driveway, there in front of my little house, I teared up as I opened the all familiar door. Hugged and petted my cats, touched the light switches fondly, nearly burst into tears at the sight of my dog Amelia. I went through every room, slowly, drinking in all the things I've missed. Tomorrow, I will go back to work. I can hardly wait. I will probably go in early. 

You would never know it because I'm one of those quiet ones, with still waters running deep and roots entangled into everything.