Sunday, September 28, 2014


I spent as much time as I could outside this past weekend. Why? The obvious answer is because it was incredibly beautiful outside, but also because I know what's coming. And it's not pretty. So I got out there under the golden trees and the brilliant blue sky.

I biked around the east end of Belleville where "Porchfest" was going down. I have never been to this  and a friend of mine recommended it to me so I thought I would go check it out. Basically, it is a community event where you go to different homes and enjoy music ranging from pop, folk, classical and bluegrass - all kinds. Musicians are out there, entertaining the masses and you just wander onto their yard and voila - a free concert! There is a great sense of community as we walked, or in my case biked in groups to each area.

These guys were rockin the street! Really tight band with a great rhythm section - right on the money. And the singer just belted out the tunes. We were all head bopping in no time.

I enjoyed this band very much and wish I had a better shot of them. They were eclectic with violin, stand-up bass, mandolin, guitar and a lot of fun to watch.

I also came across the occasional lonely troubadour. There was this fellow playing guitar and I also found a pianist tinkling the ivories on his porch. Music sounds soooo much better out in the open.

Everywhere you went, there were good vibrations.

Afterwards I headed down to the market to stock up a bit on fresh veges and fruit.

Apples, beans, flowers, peppers, squash, honey - you name it.

Life can have it's struggles and throw you curve balls.

But it also sends you so many gifts of food and music and love in many forms. Good and perfect gifts, given freely to everyone who cares to enjoy or appreciate. Yes, there are lots of Good Vibrations out there, just lower your resistance a little and you will find them!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Had a bit of a rough start last week....there were some very frustrating things going on at work. I think my co-workers thought I was going to lose it and start yelling expletives! Something like this....

You should know I kinda swore myself out by the age of 20 so swearing is not something I do anymore.

But sometimes, you just gotta say it....

I was biking home and I passed a man sitting in his car in a parking lot. He was not yelling but just stating an exasperating fact. I will use replacement words here, and you are all smart people, so you will figure it out.
", duck, ddduuuccck!"
Thank you stranger, I understand completely.

One time I was driving around with a girlfriend who was so angry at a situation she was about to blow So I just cried: "JUST SAY IT!!!"
So she did - good and loud.

My mother, who was working shift work at the time was trying to get some sleep. We kids, all 4 of us, were making a ruckus and she came stomping down the stairs.
"Spit in Well! Will you kids shut up!!!" Yup - she just had to say it.

But frustrations don't last forever, things eventually turn around. 

Yesterday, after a week of mitten wearing cold, the weather finally turned around and I hopped back into my shorts and basked on the deck. 
I mowed the lawn, topped up the fountain and the bird feeders.
I cleaned the bathrooms and washed up the bedding with fresh sheets.
I love fresh sheets.
I made some killer chocolate chip cookies.
We went to this very cool building and checked out quartz for the island that Sheldon is working on.
I was fascinated with the structure. Would this not be a great place for a photo shoot?? And the quartz was pretty nice too...

Then we headed out to Campbell's Orchards for fresh vegetables. I bought garlic, a jalopeno pepper, a bushel of apples and a pie pumpkin which will be turned into homemade applesauce and pumpkin puree for pumpkin pie, or pumpkin thai soup or whatever.

Finally I bought myself this delicious caramel apple

I suggest you do not eat this in public...they are gooey, chewy and messy. I had sticky caramel on my nose and fingers, juice running all over my chin and onto the table. I just let that mess happen until I was good and finished. 

So, the moral is, if someone is having a bad day, they may have to let it rip. No judgement here, happens to all of us. Things will turn around - the weather will change, the sheets will be fresh, and there are caramel apples to eat.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


The age-old excuse, used by children centuries, I'm sure. 
"The dog ate it." 

I want to say this urban myth is actually true. I can vouch for all the kidlets who said those words as they innocently looked into the doubting eyes of their teacher, Miss Rothbottom, and watched as her eyebrows raised sardonically.
In fact, let me just add to that statement - "the dog at it, and everything else she could get into her nonstop need-to-chew-on whatever-is handy baby mouth."

I've been through the puppy stage 3 times (actually I'm going through the 3rd time right now). 

Sam - the monster lab, aka Dogzilla, ate, just to name a few: shoes, a whole chesterfield, a banister and more socks than I cared to pull out the other end.

Amelia- my lazy sleepy houndog ate: my glasses, a chair, also lots of shoes, my banana bread.

And now I have Lulu - little tiny Lulu - really how much trouble could she be? So far she has destroyed a library book, made several attempts at shoes, all her toys and the cats, my fingers, a computer cord, the cord off my flat iron and almost the tasty cord attached to the vacuum as well. I've caught her gnawing on my rug, the metal legs of the stool and today she took a turn at my IPad. Best not touch the electronic toys Lulu....there will be Big Trouble in Little China for you. 

I had wanted to bring Morrie the cello out of the basement this year. Although quite bearable through the summer it is dang cold down there in the winter and makes moving frozen fingers nimbly on strings most difficult. But I would be a fool indeed to think Morrie would be safe and sound up here by the fire. No you can bet Morrie would be a prime target for Lulu!

So, until those baby teeth get gnawed out, until Lulu is spayed and fat and lazy, Morrie shall have to stay in the cold basement, safe from those little razors. 

So. teachers, you can believe all those little angels. It is no urban myth - the dog ate it. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014


When you are inclined to write, you are also inclined to observe.
So, often, no matter what I'm doing, I'm usually observing my surroundings.

I've noticed people have many different types of walks. Young people, in their 20 and 30s are in a hurry. They have places to go, deadlines to meet, calories to burn. Keep up a quick pace! 

But older people, they are in no hurry. They meander along, and if they have a dog with them, it is usually old and fat in no hurry either. They keep a leisurely pace with their elderly owners. I biked past one older lady complete with hat, water bottle and a sweater in my favourite colour, yellow. Now there's a sensible girl!

Athletes tend to "lumber" along. I was watching golf the other day and the men would "lumber" over, gracefully bend with one foot bent behind and pick up their ball in one fell swoop.

I've known drug dealers that would "strut". They were all that and a bag of Doritos. At least on the street they were!

Some people walk with their heads down, shoulders slumped, burdened with shame or cares or maybe both. Their body language says it all.

Me, I'm a bit of a bouncy kinda walker. As a teenager I was always trying to keep up with my 5'7 girlfriend who was mostly legs. I learned to take strides bigger than my small frame could manage which resulted in a bounciness. But I always try to keep my back straight, my head up - better days ahead friends.

Also on my bike ride tonight I passed a girl sitting on a bench along the path. She was quite pretty, wearing sunglasses and not moving at all. I passed her on the way back too, still in the exact same position. Nothing had changed except the shape of her mouth. She had a rather sour, disdainful look which ruined her prettiness. One has to wonder what the deal was. Waiting for a lover who was late???

I'm teaching my new pup how to walk on a leash. Lulu is making progress and she is a trotter and sometimes jumper. I'm also working on potty training. I'm beginning to think she is a poser.
See this stance below?

This tells me Lulu is peeing outside, like a good girl! But I'm beginning to think she is just posing sometimes, knowing the result will be a treat when she gets back inside. Posers are sometimes hard to identify....and sometimes we are all posers, just faking it until we make it. 

Whether you are a person who bounces, lumbers, struts, or meanders be who you are. If you see someone with their head hanging low and their shoulders burdened send them some love and a prayer. Smile at the sourfaced sitters. Finally, be patient with the posers, they are just trying to figure out how to make it work.