Saturday, October 15, 2016


Some people relish change, even thrive on it. Some people avoid it. I'm somewhere in the middle.

Today was a glorious day - warm, golden with a cool breeze, but I'm coming to the end of my back yard time which means yard work and lots of it. 

I started with trimming down flowers, now past their prime. Some though, were still hanging in. I could not say good bye. 

My rose bush has struggled all summer and now I have this one little bloom.

Some people, when they are coming to the end of: a relationship, a job, a life, they stay strong to the very end.

Next up was to take down the covering on the gazebo. I've come to the end of my coffee time out there and I will now move inside to the big comfy chair by the fireplace. 

But this is a job for tall people, which I'm not. However I am independent and somewhat stubborn. So I go looking for a ladder, which I find, up high for tall people. 

I find a chair, clamour up on it (short people are good at that) and wrangle that ladder down, only to find it is still too short for the job. 

I need the BIG Ladder. I find that one, which is twice as tall as me and manage to get it under the gazebo. But there is more trouble ahead! As I'm taking down the canopy a Big, Fat Spider drops down right in front of me. Lord Ha' Mercy - I nearly started hyper ventilating. There it hung with an abdomen I swear, as big as my thumb. It can get difficult when you are coming to the end of things! But you have to keep moving forward. So I found myself a broom and helped Fat Albert down to the ground. 

Up the ladder I went. The backyard looks pretty good from this vantage point!

When you are coming to the end of something you soon find you have a different point of view. 

With great difficulty, I get the canopy off and from the top of the ladder throw both arms in the air giving myself a full Victory sign!

 After a whole lot of trimming, picking up plants, ladder and spider wrangling and the canopy packed and put away, I'm ready to for a nap. 

If you are coming to the end of something I hope you stay strong to the end, that you come through victorious no matter what you face and discover, in the end, you can see things differently. 

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