Sunday, May 29, 2016


Do you remember when you under the age of 10, how amazing things were? I mean everything? 
The first time you mastered riding a two wheeler?
When all the letters on the pages turned into words and suddenly you were reading and you discovered you could read anything?

Sometimes we are reminded of the wonder around us like when we experience something new. But mostly our lives seem mundane.  

So for the last couple of weeks I wanted to jump start my sense of wonder. "Lord, I said as I sipped my coffee (which was amazing, all perfectly frothy and sprinkled with cinnamon, but I have it everyday, so I didn't notice), help me see the amazing things all around me. 

I'm out on a walk during a break at work. A car goes by with two retrievers in it; one with his head hanging out the window and the other with his head popped up out of the sunroof. Their tongues are hanging out and they are the epitome of joy - Amazing.

Every single sunset and every single sunrise is Amazing.

The  technology mankind has come up with like Skype for FaceTime where one can talk to someone else and visually see them. For anyone over 40, that is Amazing.

I came across this tree in my neighbourhood. It's Amazing!

I planted Lupins about two years ago and this decided to show up:

Old man Frodo has the biggest, fluffiest feet ever - Amazing

I ran into this dog with a mohawk at a Macs Milk Store. His name is Brady.

Tomorrow when you get up, try looking with your 8-year-old eyes instead of 48-year-old (or whatever) and you will discover you still live in an amazing world and there are wonders right under your nose. In fact you, yourself, are an incredible creation. 

Enjoy that Amazing Coffee!

Monday, May 23, 2016


We are finishing up the long May weekend aka, Victoria Day weekend or 2-4 weekend, or the official kick-off to summer and it was a glorious one! Warm and sunny with a touch of rain. Many crazy Canadians will go camping, but as much as I like camping the black flies up here at this time of the year are big and bad and hungry....very very hungry. 

That doesn't mean I still can't enjoy a good campfire! Thanks to our friends Tom and Jolie we were treated to a good one complete with treats, s'mores and an Elvis Presley karaoke sing-song. 

One of the big bonuses for me are roasted marshmallows...Mmmm...mmmmmm...Mmmm! 

I'm capturing Celeste's technique here and recording for all posterity. 
Had to try it myself. This is an automatic roasting fork that slowly rotates when you push a button. How cool is that! However, I still managed to charcoal them!

Look at those babies browning up

These were coming along nicely!

Want one?? 

Tomorrow it's back to the office and my little windowless pod. But the campfire smell is lingering in my hair and on my pants reminding me of this sticky sweet treats. Here's to a great summer ahead with lots of campfires and perfectly roasted marshmallows. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016


I wake up with the alarm at 5:30 am. This is not unusual; my alarm goes off every morning at 5:30! But today is a busy day and this party girl has lots to do.

You see, I'm not your typical party girl. I'm your behind-the-scenes type. The one making sure the party is planned and fun. So all the REAL Party girls can enjoy it. 

Today I pulled off a Bogo Bridal shower - one for my son's fiancĂ© Carolyn and one for my daughter Randi. I realize Randi has been married nearly two years but we never really threw her a bridal shower so I bogoed her into this one. 

There is always lots of prep and I'm grateful for those who came and helped including my good friend Denise, my kids, my hubby and those who brought flowers and trays of fruit and veggies. 

I started the morning off baking molasses cookies and prepping for mushroom spinach quiche. 

I had prepped the stuffed mushrooms the day before so they were oven ready!

Then it was time to set up the spread!

There was melon and prosciutto

And a good friend brought these beauties

I had made lots of sweets like these luscious lemon squares

And gooey brownies

I set up a Mimosa bar where guests could make their own!

And there was also a "make your own cupcake" set up!

Nice work!

All in all, it was a good time and the girls were blessed with lots of best wishes and gifts. Even Sasha, my Russian Blue, had the time of her life in the tissue paper and bags!

I may not be the life of the party, but I'm the party girl who can make it happen!

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Moms! I know how hard, how tirelessly and with self sacrifice, you all try to look after all your little chicks, even when they fly the coup. 

So let's start this blog off with a photo of my own amazing Mom!
That's me, with the great hairline, in my Momma's arms, along with my older sisters Heather and Heidi and my Dad. The much coveted son took another 4 years to show up and complete the family. But there's a Mom who devoted a good chunk of her life to raising 4 kids. Thanks Mom!!

I feel like I've been mothering most of my life; looking after, watching over, making sure all were accounted for and safe.

Before I had children of my own, there were pets. Check out this adorable photo:

I call it "Kittens for Everybody!"

But if you look closely you will notice all 3 of us girls (I'm in the middle) are all closely monitoring our little brother. "What are you doing with that kitten Spencer? You should be holding it securely with TWO hands!" Never mind the out for that kitten!

We are looking after, watching over, making sure all are accounted for and safe.

We are mothering!

There's a fine line between mothering and smothering and I, unfortunately, often hover on the brink. I'm pretty good, until there's some sort of transition like somebody's leaving, moving, getting married or something silly like that. Then my mother-cling on starts to kick in.

This is my daughter's Grade 12 Graduation. My daughter, Randi is the stunner in the yellow. The other beauty is Elise, the first ballerina we had live with us (I'm working on number 9 right now). Note my inclination to cling....I'm holding close. Elise was moving on and my mothering of her is losing it's grip. 

Here's another:
This is Rachel, another of our Ballerinas. She also has just graduated and about to leave us. I'm now in full-on Cling-on.

Mothering to smothering even happens at work! Here I am desperately clinging to one of my co-workers who is leaving to go back to school.

I'm trying to be brave here. I'm smiling. Sooooo happy for my baby girl! But the claw holding tightly to her arm is kinda giving it away.

I'm a natural at this mothering thing. Been doing it for years in fact. And generally speaking I'm pretty good at it. 

But you will have to pardon me when it comes to those big transitions. I may slip into (s)mothering you.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Today I woke up to one of those misty May rains. Those nourishing gentle rains that changes things from brown to green, flowers start to unfurl and shyly show their glorious charms and robins have a smorgasbord on fat juicy worms. The merry month of May is here. 

I've been waiting through the long cold winter for this time of year  - HURRY UP! But, now that's it's here...SLOW DOWN!

It means I will spend a lot of time outside, puttering in the garden, checking out the goods and doing yard maintenance. 

Thanks to the "good rain", these beauties opened up this morning:

I wish I could tell you what these are, but they show up for the party every year

Yesterday, before the "good rain", I mowed the lawn. We picked up this sweet ride about two years ago.

With our old gas one, I would nearly take my arm off trying to pull the cord and start it. Eventually I would acknowledge defeat and find a strong man with the upper body strength to bring it to life. So, we invested in this little electric number. Granted the battery weighs about 40 lbs but once you charge it and drop it in place you are off and running. 

There are only 31 days in May, one of my favourite months. I hope to enjoy all the flowers, the good rains, the yard maintenance and gardening, the sweet, sweet smell of soil and new life. 

Life is in such a hurry, May is a month to remind you to slow down.