Sunday, September 25, 2016


I pulled out my mittens to walk Lulu this morning. The air is brisk and chilly. The early morning sky fading from deep royal blue into a lighter rich amaranth. This means my hands and feet will be everlastingly cold for at least the next 6 months! On the plus side, it is Harvest time and despite the drought we endured, our downtown market is rich in produce. 

So It's time to celebrate it! That and the fact that our Market is turning 200 years old. Sheldon and I went down to check out the party so be ye prepared for a bevy of pictures. In fact, as it is Autumn, I'm likely to be snap happy for the next couple of months. 

We are blessed to have such an abundance!

This cake, celebrating our Market, was longer than I could get in the frame 

Sheldon enjoying a pear and curry pizza

These tarts were beyond beautiful, but I resisted.

I got to pet a skunk AND a python. The python's name is Fluffy as appointed by a 4-year-old. Some people are REALLY good at naming pets!

There were lots of activities for the kids. This little train would have sent my son into a lather back in the day. Actually, it still might...I will have to ask him.

And of course there are pumpkins to carve!

Inspired by the market goodies, I made a meal of Turkey breast with roasted root vegetables: sweet potato, brussel sprouts and peppers and mushrooms. 

Today they are having a community meal down at the Market and that big ole cake will be devoured. We have so much in Canada and it's time to celebrate the Harvest.

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