Sunday, January 31, 2016


For my birthday last November my Mom got me a Fitbit. This is one of the techi gadgets that are all the rage. Depending on the model, it will tell you on a daily basis, how many steps you took, stairs climbed, calories burned,  miles/km you have walked etc. Some will show you what the ole ticker is up to. It will also reveal your sleep patterns - how much you slept, when you were awake or restless..basically it is gathering all sorts of nifty data on you!

Which leads me to this blog - cause according to my Fitbit, I'm on the night shift. To be honest, I did not need a little black wrist band to tell me that! But I've got cold hard data folks, as cold as my tile floors in the middle of a winter's night.

Lulu is into a night routine. She heads down stairs and suddenly my dreams are interrupted by the clanging of a cowbell. Because when Lulu was still in the potty training stage, we hung a cowbell to the back door so she could signal us when nature was calling. 

Like this:

can attempt to ignore it but if I do she will come back upstairs and "grine" (growl/wine) at me. So I get up, grab my bathrobe, stumble downstairs onto the cold, COLD tile floors and let her out. Then I plop on the sofa, waking up the old man cat Frodo and wait for her highness to scratch on the door signalling it is time to let her in. She has done this, according to my Fitbit, 6 nights in the last 10. 

Here more proof! I took a shot of the clock on my microwave one night:

We are not talking 2:27 pm here

So I lie there on the sofa, and I muse, cause that is what I do, on how much nicer it would be to get a full night's sleep, on how quiet it is in the dead of a winter's night. There are no windows open to listen to crickets or leaves rustling in the wind. There is Frodo patiently purring, hoping I will vacate soon.

Sometimes Lulu is 5 minutes, sometimes 20. Then I let her in and back upstairs we go. She jumps on the bed, taking up most of the room and I take a while to fall back asleep. 

Last night, Lulu did not wake me up! I was able to stay snug as a bug, my feet warm and under the covers the whole 7 hours and 23 minutes, according to Fitbit. 

Who knows, maybe Lulu snuck down and instead of bothering me, her and Frodo were into other shenanigans.

Like this:
Nah....why would a dog and a cat be hanging around on a table...

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