Saturday, January 16, 2016


Have you ever felt your life is full of the mundane? You get up, go to work, clean up about the house, wipe that runny nose (again), watch a little TV, go back to bed. And the hamster wheel starts all over again the next day.

Well, I had an epiphany while taking a walk on my lunch break! There were some school kids heading home from school and they stopped to climb the top of a snowbank, their back packs flung aside as they faced the dangerous trek to the top. They were having an adventure in the middle of their every day mundane walk home. 

I realized I needed to find my every day adventures. So the next day at work I said to my co-worker, "Kelly, I need you to do me a favour"
"Sure!" says Kelly
"I want you to take an adventure with me."
"I'm in!" she exclaims. Kelly is great that way - she's game even before I tell her the deal.
I explain I want to climb a snowbank and I need some pictures. We enlist the help of another coworker Audrey to take the photos and on lunch break off we went!
Might as well make it a Big One!

The victorious mountaineers!

This shot is a given

Sometimes an adventure can be quite uncomfortable. For example, you are driving along, suddenly hit a patch of black ice, do a total 360 and come to a stop in the snow. Your heart is racing. Two options: you could say, "**&!!@@!% I coulda died!!" Or you could say "well, that was an adventure!"

I work in Palliative care and spend my days talking with people who are dealing with end of life. They may have a few months or a year but to be sure they are about to face one of the biggest adventures of all, one we all get to share in. 

But as for you and me, in the meantime, let's not miss out on everyday adventures, even in the midst of the mundane. Look out for them, hunt them down and perhaps it is time to climb a snowbank.

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