Sunday, January 10, 2016


There is a new trend out there called Adult Colouring Books. They are full of funky, intricate, pictures just waiting for stressed out adults to complete because apparently colouring is a great stress reliever! That explains why 4 year olds always seem so calm and zen like....

Anywho, I personally have not tried them but I am a big fan of some colour, especially in Mid January. Yesterday and today everything is wet, grey and blah. So I purposely went out searching for a little to colour me happy.

I met a dear friend for cappuccino downtown. The place was hopping at 10:00 cause you can buy fresh croissants there (that is the only place in town mind you). We barely found a table but I snapped a shot of some lovely desserts in their display.

I love that pop of raspberry!

A few doors town at the vintage clothing store is this frothy yellow number. I wish I had the guts to wear it, cause you know I love yellow!
If this doesn't colour you happy, I don't know what will

Not to be outdone by a yellow dress, I prepped for a new soup: roasted red pepper and sweet potato soup, a cornucopia of colour!

Red peppers (I threw in a yellow one too, cause I love yellow), sweet potato, garlic, and seasonings. All roasted up and then pureed into a hearty soup.

So if the grey days of January are getting you down, find a colouring book or some eye popping colour somewhere. Me, I will be buying flowers for my office desk. Hopefully yellow ones..

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