Sunday, February 7, 2016


Don't you just love this photo?

This is from a cat yoga calendar my mom picked up. It's a pretty good depiction of my weekend. Very Zen. Not as furry, granted,
but very Zen. 

I started my Saturday morning going back to Hot Yoga and much like my Zen cat I struck that pose a few times. I contorted my body, attempted the "Crane" pose without success and sweated very nicely. By the time it was done I felt all limber and loose and about as relaxed as a day at the beach. 

My son Adrian and his fiancĂ© came to visit and he made me this beautiful loaf of sourdough bread. The student now surpasses the master.

I slept a lot this weekend. I was feeling a little under the weather, like I'm fighting something and as far as I can tell successfully winning. But still, I slept a lot. Long afternoon naps, bed early, that kind of thing.

I had lovely cups of coffee

In front of the fireplace with my very Zen dog

OK, I have to be honest here. This dog you see, lying in repose, all quiet and peaceful. It's a lie, friends, a big fat lie. This is a rare, rare occasion.

Actually Lulu is more like this:

Jumping on the bed and bothering my old 14-year-old cat.

Old Man Frodo preps his left hook. Not very Zen now, are we Lulu?

And the fight begins.

But, all in all, a nice quiet weekend....

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