Sunday, January 3, 2016


Happy New Year Everyone and welcome to 2016! There is a lot in store and 365 days from now we will all have had new experiences and will not be the same as we are now. 

How do I know this?? 

Two reasons: Life changes us and also cause Glory Tom told me. 

But perhaps I should back up a little and explain myself...

On Christmas Eve as I was working the church crowd wishing all a Merry one, Glory Tom stopped me for a special message.

Tom is a big teddy bear of a man, well into his 70s and just loves to love on everyone. And when the mood strikes him (which can be anytime or perhaps when he simply can't contain his excitement) he yells out G L O R Y!! 

Glory Tom takes my cold little hand and tells me: "This year is gonna be a Banner year for you. This is the year you will look back on and say it was the Best Year Ever!"

As we say in church circles "I receive that!" And just to confirm Glory Tom's prophetic message, as I was standing in the grocery line on New Year's Eve, what do I see but this glaring message on the front of a magazine cover:

I wish you all the Best Year Ever in 2016 - "This Year Is For You!"

As for me, I'm standing on solid ground now kids. I expect there will be ups and downs, good and bad times but overall, A Banner Year is expected.

So Watch Me....

Watch Me Whip...Watch Me Nae Nae

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