Monday, June 1, 2015


Yesterday, we gave our thanks and best wishes to our fearless and saucy worship leader Dan Cutrona as he officially retired from his position of leading music at church. All of us who sing or play in this ministry and Papa C (as I affectionately call him) both had to turn another page. 

I could literally write a book (a real page turner....) about all we have been through together and believe me there have been bumps in this road but Dan has done his best to navigate us all through it. 

On Thursday nights our team members would gather for practice. I'm missing a few players but this is the jist:

Here's part of my view!

In front of me are Bette-Anne, Ted and Paul on bass

To my left, Jeff (the "Fishin' Musician" cause if he's not playing, he's fishin) and Evan back there on drums keeping us on the straight and narrow

And there, on my right is Papa C. I snapped this during his last official Sunday service and I can't tell you how much I will miss him. 

The best way I can describe Dan is he is a genuine Maverick. Never one to follow the crowd, he did what he felt he should do and he did it with passion and a whole heartedness. Now, this does not always fly well and can certainly rub people the wrong way. But Dan shared his incredible gift regardless of what people thought in the Christian and nonChristian setting. 

I had arranged a farewell Barbecue at our house for Dan after church. Saturday; beautiful, warm, downright humid. My backyard is inviting, the fountain is bubbling, the grass is mown and the flowers are blooming. But Sunday turned cold, wet and damp. Sheldon braved the rain to barbecue up the meat and over 20 of us hunkered down inside.
Shouldn't have surprised me, that is just like you Dan to go against the grain! 

I will miss you Papa C, and your genius with rhythm, music and how you can hear a song come together. But it's time to turn the page. If you ever want to write that book about our musical know what they say about Vegas.

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