Sunday, May 24, 2015


Whenever my mom drops by she simply must give me something be it food or clothing or whatever. It's the mother in her. Often she provides me with reading material; little excerpts of the entertainment or fashion sections from the Glop and Pail....I mean Globe and Mail. 

The other day I was reading one and came across an article on the art of "Fika". In case you are new to this, Fika is a swedish term, both a noun and a verb which basically refers to a coffee break. It "refer to the concept of setting aside time during the day for a cup of coffee (or tea), a sweet roll (or slab of rye with cheese) and the company of others (or not)." The key here is not just gulping coffee from your travel mug on the way to work but making the time to take a break.

Well. Pass the pollen and call me honey. 
This was a euraka moment for me. 
I have been a faithful fikaer for years. 
I could give classes! 
I'm a fika pro!

This was me, prepping for a fika moment

I like to start my pets real young into Fika!

And my kids - Fika at a french bistro downtown!

One of my favourite Fika places - at the cottage on the dock

I Fika at work too...

And at home, with blankets and pets

Ya know, some things you are just born good at! 

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