Sunday, June 28, 2015


I'm just finishing a week of holidays and I packed a lot into that 7 days. This is a little surprising because I started my week with very little plans. I had a week of nothing ahead of me, just idle time to sit around and read or whatever.

The problem is, I'm not inclined to idleness, which I come by quite naturally - my Mom often refers to my Dad as "Antsy Jack" cause he just can't sit still. 

So I started the week by taking "Antsy Jack" and my oldest friend on the earth, Denise, strawberry picking. 

Here's Pops in the patch. At 80 years old and post stroke - still going strong!
It was a rough years for strawberries with some killer cold nights and lots of rain, but those little red jewels were out there, albeit small, if you put yourself to the back-breaking work. Then I spent the afternoon cleaning and cutting berries. 

Then I had a nap.

Next day I spent some time digging up yet more unwanted trees in the garden and ripped up weeds to boot. 

Then I had a nap.

I played keyboard for a funeral and prepped a room for painting.

Then I had a nap!

Thursday dawned grey and rainy so I spent the day repainting my son's room from dark blue to Maui Mist. 

Sasha was into the blue....

But Lulu was inclined to Maui Mist

Then, well, I had a nap.

Friday was banking, laundry, groceries you all know the drill. I'm pretty sure there was a nap involved.

Saturday we headed to Toronto to meet up with our old billet Nami who will soon be heading back to Japan and our handsome son Adrian to check out Ripley's Aquarium. It was busy and crowded but watching those fish and other underwater sea creatures glide by in their easy pace was so soothing and relaxing. I went a little snap happy but here are a few shots (taken with my Iphone no less!)

These fish were large and in charge

The stingrays looked like they were flying overtop of you.

A bit of a show off if you ask me...

The jellyfish were amazing!

Since Sheldon was the one driving the car, I snuck in mini naps on the way home

Today was church, lunch with friends, a skype date with Randi (home in 25 days!),  baking of chocolate banana muffins and time writing this up for all of you. 

I like to be busy. I don't like being idle. But the side effect of my business is I need to re-energize with the occasional 1/2 nap. So (yawn) if you will excuse me, it's almost time to catch a few zzzzzzs. 

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