Sunday, June 14, 2015


If you have followed this blog you know I spent a week in May loving my garden into fruition. All that back breaking shoveling, pruning, digging, moving.
It's pay back time!
So, here comes a plethora of garden shots. 
I get to sit under the canopy and take in this gorgeousness during morning coffee

The pink clematis is sneaking up the fence and opening wide

The purple clematis, a garden matriarch, is taking over the whole south wall!

These wild geraniums hang out near the back of the garden and look like little pearls on an oyster bed of green.

I love peonies and have about 3 or 4 bushes. Their scent is heavy and fresh after a morning rain

This bush drops these little pink flowers all over the driveway and car. Not complaining

Yellow. Love it.

The fountain bubbles and laughs when the birds come to play

It is a law of the universe. You reap what you sow. I sowed a lot into this garden, I reap the beauty of it in return. But it's not just for gardens.

We sow into our children. Take them to music lessons and soccer practice. We spend time with them, laugh and listen to them. Trust me, you will reap rewards from it.

I participated in the final recital for my cello teacher's students this afternoon. Like all her students, I worked hard on my piece called Scherzo (a musical joke). Unlike my brother, I'm not a good performer, nerves get the best of me. But it was not half bad! I believe I'm beginning to sound like a cellist!

Whether you sow into relationships, a craft, a garden, your health good or bad. Trust me.

There's pay back!

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