Sunday, January 4, 2015


Welcome to 2015!, wow, wow...

Hope you are all ready and reasonably optimistic for what the new year has to offer. I started looking at some stats that I've been collecting and have been totalled up on my behalf.

For example:
I've been on this earth for 51 years
The first Robin I spotted last year was on Feb. 21/14. In 2013 it was on March 7. 

I play a lot of solitaire (it's my "wind down" game). 
 So far I've played 12,185 games, and won 12% of those.

I've been writing this blog since 2009, with 10,427 views! My audience is mostly from Canada and United States with Poland and France bringing up the rear.  

Mind blowing stuff - I know. And if you are a stat kind of person this is your cup of tea. 

Personally, I find stats interesting but you and me, we are more than just stats, which can be skewed, says everyone who has ever worked in public relations or government. 

We are body, soul and spirit, all 3 of which play an important part in making up the unique one-of-a-kind individual, that incredible creation, called YOU.

We all are curious to see what the future holds. We check out horoscopes, the Almanac, the stats, the prophets. We want to have a jump on our lives and be in control.

"Aha! Saw that one coming I did!" "Good thing I was prepared for that!"

That includes me too. So I spent some time in prayer to see if there  was anything I should be aware of, prepped for, got a jump on. I'm paraphrasing here, but this is basically how it went down.

Me: "What's the deal God? What does this year hold for me? Any hints??"
Big Guy in the Sky: "What is your life verse Cyndi?"
Me: "Proverbs 3:5,6 - Trust in the Lord with all your heart. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths"
BGITS: "That's right. You will have to trust me. If there is something you need to know ahead of time, I will tell you."

Yup. Comes down to faith, trust and doing my best to listen. I don't know about you but apparently that's my plan for this year.

Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog! I hope you have a different Life Verse than me!

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