Saturday, January 31, 2015


You see the photo below? A lovely peppercorn cheese from Northern Italy paired with a nice red wine. I picked up the cheese from a fledgling cafe in downtown Belleville called "Gourmet Diem", which I encourage you to frequent, if you are in town. Because it is a happy place, and they are nice people.  

Mr. Mouse showed up at my house again this week. I thought I would try to get him off the top of my curtain and as I was trying to woo him down he took a flying leap....ON MY FACE. He did a quick circle on my head and zoomed down my back to freedom. 

Mouse kissing is not my idea of a happy place. 

My co-workers are presently on strike. Their negotiations between management and union collapsed so now they are out in the cold, walking with placards. They are anxious to come to a deal and get back to caring for their clients, and I'm anxious for them to come back too. Work is difficult without them, the office is not functioning well and they are family - I don't like seeing them in this situation. It is not a good place to be.

So when things are tough, here are some suggestions for finding your happy place.

Exercise - I tried Hot Hatha Yoga this morning. It was 106F in the room which was glorious after walking the dog in -29C!
I'm a newby and don't speak Yoga yet but I heard the following:
"Happy baby", "downward dog", "remove blockages" "psychic bra strap" (might have got that one wrong but I swear that is what she said) - all in a slow, soothing rhythmic tone. 

Pets - especially relaxed ones, take me to a happy place!

She's so sweet when she's sleeping! So deceiving too!

While I was downtown I also had a lovely cappuccino at the L'Auberge de France. You walk in there and it is like landing in Paris. A happy place indeed

They are generous with the cinnamon 

And their creations are works of art

There is the vintage clothing store - chiffon, pantaloons, trinkets and lots of hats....I like hats

Since I had that gorgeous cheese and wine, I also picked up a fresh pasta sauce at Gourmet Diem and voila - a happy place on a plate!

So this is for all my co-workers who are united for their rights. I hope you can soon come back to work, I hope you are staying warm, I hope you receive a fair deal for the excellent work that you do, and I hope in the meantime, you can find your happy place.

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