Sunday, January 11, 2015


As I'm working on this week's blog in front of the fireplace, I can see out the window the snow falling every so lightly. We've put in a dang cold week but temps are now back to reasonable. 

Most of us are definitely in hibernation mode in Ontario, or for that matter, Canada! We hunker in our abodes, watch TV, go to bed earlier and consider our newly acquired holiday plump. 

January is my assess the mess time. I really get the urge to purge, I check out what we need or what needs replacing, I dream about changing this or fixing that in my life and I want to try something new and fresh. 

So, this week I did the following:

Sent two huge bags, and a couple of boxes off to charity (power to the purge)

I restocked up on a few things I needed: 
     New washcloths
     New guest towels for the downstairs bathroom
     New black pumps (to replace the ones Lulu destroyed)
     New warm fuzzy PJs (as noted above re: Lulu)
     New camisoles
     New makeup brush

I tried a new recipe! Chickpea, cauliflower and red potato curry. 

No, I'm not going vegetarian, just trying out something new and January is an especially good time to hang in the kitchen.

I got a facial! That is not something I do on a regular basis, let me tell you. I'm pretty low maintenance. But I had a gift certificate that was collecting dust so after work I went to the spa and "Stephanie" laid me on a bed, covered me with blankets and proceeded to massage my temples. I was nearly out cold. That sweet young thing with the perfect skin worked some voodoo magic on me. 

I've also been saving my money up and yesterday we ordered new dining room chairs to replace the ones given to us free like 100 years ago. 

So, here's to January! Before you know it, those longer sunny days will arrive and my bike and garden will be calling. For this month, I will assess the mess, restock and renew!

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