Sunday, January 18, 2015


Last Friday at work as we were slugging our way through the afternoon, one of my co-workers says "I just want to eat everything!"
To which I replied: "It's January. We all want to eat everything!"

Because that is the trouble with January, and winter in general, we just want to sleep, and eat, and watch TV (and eat), stay warm (and eat). You get the picture. The eating thing at the office is particularly easy cause there are a lot of women in my office with lots of cravings so there is lots of food around (see my blog "It's Sexy Time" from Aug. 24). Also, they are all amazing cooks!

So, because it looks like this outside:

I spent a fair bit of the weekend in the kitchen. I also did laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, and straightened out a closet..but that's just me.

I tried my hand at some new recipes. First up was a Curried Cauliflower and Sweet Potato soup

I topped it with roasted sunflower seeds and Good Golly Miss Molly, Lord hah mercy, this is good stuff! It also has a bit of a kick to it, cause that's how I roll.

Next up was Chocolate Banana Muffins, to use up some frozen bananas and attempt to get my ballerina billet to eat fruit in some form. Though she tells me she likes fruit I have lived with her since September and have yet to see her eat one piece of fruit....not one.

This is classic comfort food. Especially if you eat one with warmed up caramel sauce poured over it. Which I did.

By now, the dishes were starting to pile up as Lulu is so clearly pointing out with her stink eye.

I did the dishes, turned on the TV to watch the Avengers (sorta) and hit the couch for a nap.

Today, I'm prepping for stick to the ribs Chicken Stew to get us through a few nights. Later I'm going to try my hand at a sweet potato quinoa salmon patty recipe to use up a few staples. 

Not sure why there is such a big push for hitting the gym in January. Just goes against our Canadian grain. Perhaps we should aim for the beginning of December so by Christmas when things are starting to heat up you are already in high gear and come January, well, then you can start to let things slide. THEN you can do what comes naturally! Sleep, and eat, and watch TV (and eat), stay warm (and eat). 

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