Sunday, June 4, 2017


May is a beautiful month - great for gardening! I usually take some time off each May to focus on my garden and give it some attention for the season ahead.

I took a week off alright - but not in my Garden. I went out West.

Sorry for ignoring you garden. I see you have been busy while I was away. 

I knew trouble was brewing when we pulled in to the drive last Saturday night to a veritable jungle in the front yard. The grass was growing in leaps and bounds.

I have a gravel path that circles around where I have a fountain. That was nearly annihilated by the grass. 

I spent a good hour on my hands and knees just pulling up weeds and grass trying to find the gravel underneath. I swear nature is as relentless as the Love of God - just keeps coming at ya. 

This mass of greenery are violets, taking over the world. I keep pulling them out to try and make room for these:

Not sure what they are, but they glow like little drops of moonlight at night.

So I'm taking the good with the bad. Although the grass and violets are scheming a victory everything else is also feeling mighty fine.

My hydrangea bush and peonies are also about to explode. 

And I finally got around to doing a couple of planters.

My garden carried on without me. In fact, if I ignored it all year, I'm pretty sure there would be quite a party going on. But I'm back now, restoring order and telling the violets to "simmer down." Here's to another year of back yard gardening ahead. 

Come on Garden, Let's Play!

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