Sunday, June 18, 2017


One of my coworkers got a new kitten recently and she's often posting pictures and videos of Facebook. Who wouldn't?? I mean it's a kitten! 

But I can't help but notice the energy. ZIP....ZOOM..POUNCE!! This little ball of fluff is bouncing!

Allow me to introduce Frodo:

I call him "Old Man Frodo". We got him when my daughter was in Grade 7 (she will soon be 29) and he is pushing over 17 years old now. There is no "ZIP...ZOOM...POUNCE" anymore. 

But he used to have all that vim, vigour and curiosity.

Just look at that adorable face!!

I mean both of them of course! 

Old Man Frodo takes the stairs, both up and down, one at a time.
His meow is either nothing, or a slight croak or sometimes he puts all his energy into it and sounds like he's completely forgot where he is and is lost. Underneath all that gorgeous fur is a frail and rather bony frame. I pick him up very gently now and put him down the same way.

He sleeps....a lot....

Or, when he goes outside, there is no chasing birds or stray leafs anymore.

He just lays on the sun warmed front step or on a hot day in the cool garden under the peonies and ponders the 8 lives he's lived. 

Frodo may not be a powerhouse anymore but he has that Old Cat Charm. 

And he STILL has the best paws in town!

You may have an adorable new kitten in your life and they are lots of fun. 

But these old cats, well, they have their charms as well. 

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