Sunday, March 5, 2017


We had a little glitch when we were heading south for our holiday. The plane was a good 10 hours delayed. That meant we spent a whole lot of time in the airport wandering around aimlessly! 

As it was, I had forgotten my lip balm with SPF and since I had LOTS of time to kill I went looking for a replacement. I could find nothing with an SPF in it and not being a shopper I finally just asked the nice lady to help me pick something out.

She chose this one. And at the till I found out if cost me over $30!!! Yikes!! But when I tried it the stuff was amazing. Who knew?? Went on like butter.

Where Have you Been All My Life!!

Sometimes you just have to try something new and discover your life could be sooooo much better. 

Like this homemade hummus recipe that has been stuck to my fridge for at least 3-4 years and I had never tried it. 

Yesterday was a good day to hibernate in the kitchen (freakin' cold out) so I made Primal Crunch Granola (another "Where Have You Been All My Life moment) and decided to give this Hummus a go.

I chopped up the garlic:

Added the lemon juice. Working with lemons always make for a better day - the colour, the smell, it's all good!

And put it all in a blender. I added some cayenne pepper and sweet red peppers cause I wanted a bit of that hot/sweet thing going on:

A voila, I had a beautiful Hummus

So good for dipping veggies or crackers or Naan bread!

It's always a good idea to try new things. You may discover something that will make your life richer. Like an expensive tube of lipstick, a friend, or a new hobby.  How about exploring your faith? Apparently God is standing at the door knocking waiting for someone to open it, according to Rev. 3:20...just saying...

Or maybe you should just check the fridge door. Might be a great life-changing recipe right in front of you! 

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