Sunday, March 26, 2017


We had our Staff Recognition day at work this week. I'm often the resident photographer and before the festivities got underway I was called upon to "Take a picture of the cake!" 

I complied before the cake succumbed to the masses.

I enjoy taking food pics. I have a whole folder of pictures devoted to food (and wine so I remember a good bottle). I will snap a pic before a great meal or I often shoot whatever I'm making  in the kitchen. Here are a few samples:

Mini spinach and cheese quiches I made for Christmas one year

A summer salad with grilled veggies and salmon

Peaches and yogurt with homemade granola!

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Pumpkin Pie!

I'm not the only one with a food fascination. Just look at the influx of cooking shows from competitions to instructional. We have whole networks devoted to food. There are websites, twitter and Facebook sites filled with gastronomic eye candy. In my day your options were Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet!

Why is that? We can't touch it, eat it or smell it - we can only look at it and yet we can't get enough.

There is no doubt food is something everyone is interested in. It reminds us of comfort, connection, celebrations. It tickles our senses from the sensual to the spiritual. The kitchen is the heart of the home. But now we can add to that the vast array of ingredients and tools available to us and our access to global cuisine. Now your cooking with gas!

It would seem someone had a light bulb moment and discovered the goose that lays the golden egg (and how best to serve it) - we now have a multi millionaire industry on our hands.

Working with food is relaxing for me and the kitchen is one of my comfort zones. This is nothing new. Many of our ancestors, men and women, have taken refuge around the fire with some fresh homemade bread and a hearty soup. I will continue to putter in the kitchen, chopping, mixing and experimenting and I will continue to take pics, partly cause they are so pretty, partly because I'm proud of my creation and I'm saying "Look what I made!"

And, don't worry, when called upon, I will Take a Picture of the Cake!

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