Sunday, February 26, 2017


For the record, this is not my footprint. It belongs to someone I was following on the beach who's feet are not nearly as ugly as mine. 

But we were here. 

In Punta Cana, walking the beaches with thousands of other souls in so many different shapes and sizes.

We listened to the waves wash in with a gentle swoosh as they gave the sand a sloppy wet kiss.

We were treated like royalty at the Riu Palace Bavaro, where the staff went out of the way to meet all your wants and needs.

I ate a lot of seafood: Lobster Risotto

Sea bass, cod and Sushi!


The desserts were nothing to sneeze at either!

I spent most of my time by the pool, reading and swimming. Much to my surprise, I usually had the pool to myself - seems most everyone just wanted to dip in for a minute to cool off before they headed back to their lounger and cerveza. Me, I was doing laps: back stroke, breast stroke, side stroke, dives, somersaults. When I get the chance to swim, I'm gonna take it!

We landed back in Canada early Saturday morning around 4:00 am. I thought Lulu was going to pee on the floor she was so excited to see us! 

The opportunity to take such a luxurious holiday only magnified my sense of gratefulness. Not just for going on the trip but for all I have waiting for me at home. Everything from my bed and the big chair in the front room, to the clarity of Canadian light, and for doing the simple things, like walking the dog and baking banana bread. 

So I'm sending up a big prayer of thanks for enjoying adventures in far off exotic lands and for the comforts of home. 

Thanks for letting me be here. 

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