Sunday, March 19, 2017


I have been blessed (thus far) with extremely good health all my life. No broken bones, no chronic illnesses and other than the occasional lump removal (I'm inclined to be lumpy), very few surgical interventions. 

However, this week I came down with a cold.  My throat scratchy, my neck glands tender to the touch, head feeling punky and I can feel the pressure in my sinuses. 

I needed some comfort. Sitting beside me in the big chair is Lulu, cuddled up beside me. I can feel her steady heartbeat on my thigh and it's comforting to have her close. But for a cold, some homemade chicken soup was in order. Something with big chunks of chicken, veggies, rice and parsley.

We all have times when we just need to be comforted. I've been thinking about what I call "the suddenlys." These can be good and bad but without warning life changes and suddenly everything, or a lot of your normal, changes. It's a transition, a bend in the road you did not see coming, a loss or a gain. 

When you are hit with a suddenly, I hope you can find the comfort you require, whether that be a prayer, a hug, or the love or a good dog. 

If you need it, I have some homemade chicken soup in the fridge!

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