Sunday, November 27, 2016


I went for a walk yesterday to the local drug store and guess who I ran into??

The jolly elf himself! Actually this particular Santa has been hanging out on Sidney Street waving at cars going by for the past 24 years and in my opinion, he's the real deal. I asked him if I could take a couple of pics which he readily agreed to. Then I asked if we could do a "Selfie".

"Never done one of those before, hope you know what you're doing!" chortled Santa.

I'm proud to say, I'm the first person ever to take a selfie with Santa! At least this particular Santa...

Santa's Here! Let's get this Party started!

Love it or hate it, the Christmas season is upon us. 

The shopping, the parties, the concerts, the works: some good, some bad. And let's not forget the line-ups! We went to the Santa Claus Parade last weekend and it was so freakin' cold there was a line-up right out the Tim Horton's door for coffee.

We Canadians and our weird Tim Horton's fetish....I got nothing.

One of my favourite parts of Christmas time is the family time. Now I know my daughter Randi has been home from Europe for about a year and a half but it is still a miracle to me to have her so close by after 3 years of her being on the other side of the pond.  This weekend we started Christmas baking together.

On the agenda were these very easy Christmas mints:

Then we dove into some Shortbread. You start with the dough like so:

Then you cut them into these adorable little cubes and this is the final product:

Today we made Ginger Snickerdoodles:

Move over Keebler elves, there are new bakers in town!

I know the Christmas season can be harrowing, stressful and busy. But it can also be miraculous, generous and beautiful. I hope you can find a balance between the two and enjoy all that it has to offer!

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