Sunday, November 13, 2016


This may seem a bit shocking to you but I happen to like Cable TV. I know, most of you are jumping off that Cable band wagon and my argument is full of holes, but still I really do. 

Now before you all start rioting on me let me explain. In the 30 years I've been married, we have never subscribed to Cable. We managed with stringing up funky wires or bunny ears. For 12 years we lived in an old Victorian house that came with a HUGE TV antenna you could climb (if you were inclined) and pretty much  see the whole universe. All these options sufficed. We were able to get a handful of channels like CTV and TVO and that was enough for us. 

But then, along came digital. We were warned people and for about a year or so we were still able to slip in a few channels until about January 2014. BAM. Nothing, Notta.  The TV went dark and quiet. I would be walking the dog at night and see this strange sight through neighbouring windows, wondering how that all worked:

Finally, 2 months ago we finally got Cable! Picking so many channels was overwhelming and we still only need about 5 but this was the package for us starters. I am not a big TV watcher but this is truly part of our culture. My husband can now click mindlessly through channels like every other male in western civilization. 
And Commercials!! There are some that drive me crazy, like the "Wayfair, you got just what I need" ditty. But there are some really good ones too. Here are a few of my favourites from years gone by:

That adorable little girl sharing Cornflakes with Santa!!

Or how about the Singing Cow!!

Here's one that really "dates" me (you will get that pun in a minute). My sister Heather actually made this her Halloween costume once!

Welcome back TV, how I missed thee!

Hit It Hal! - "Mooomoomoom moo, Mooom moon moo..."

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  1. And now you can watch Jeff Saturday mornings ��