Sunday, December 4, 2016


There is no doubt this is a busy time of the year. Can I get an AMEN to that! Like the rest of you, I'm running around making my lists and checking them twice. 

But there is a specific bunch I want to acknowledge - all of you out there performing: young and old alike, whether it be a school play, a dance recital or, like me in a concert. 

My brother at the age of 4 could stand up and wow the crowds, drop the mike and leave the stage with hardly a flutter of nerves.

Does this guy look nervous to you??? I don't think so!

But many of us get pretty anxious before those big performances, me included. I started my week with Dress Rehearsal for the big show on Friday night. My cello Morrie was tuned up and ready to go. But when I got to the church Morrie suffered from performance anxiety. He was totally out of tune and the G string unwound and fell off. We but him back together as best we could and carried on. Believe me that did not help my anxiety! 

I'm relieved to say the concert went well. Morrie and I both made it through with all strings intact and nobody (me) passed out.

So here's to all of you out there performing! You are working hard, practicing, taking time in your already busy schedule. You go over that dance step again and again, re-read your lines, jot notes on your music. 

And for what? Many reasons: To celebrate the season, bring joy to others, to stretch yourself and push your own boundaries, for the love of the applause and so many more.

To all you performers out there, thanks for all you do! I know how hard you have all worked. 

Stand up and take a bow!

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