Sunday, September 4, 2016


Driving home from the cottage I can't help but notice that the reigning queen in the fields is Goldenrod. Long tapering fringy yellow fingers giving us the royal wave as the car zips by. 

I have some in my garden by the fountain. I realize it is a weed but hey, it's yellow and I like it! And so do the bees, a win-win situation. 

It reminds me that we are at the end of summer and fall is on the way. September is a time for change, a time to turn the page. 

For children, it's the excitement of heading back to school, some for the first time, some for the last. Their routines will be guided by clanging school bells and opening or closing classroom doors. The roads will now be infused with big yellow buses and I will soon be interacting with the Crossing Guards I see along my bike route to work. 

The inherent sense of change is in all of us, probably because we grew up in that September back-to-school routine. But we also sense it around us with cooler temps and the sun nodding off to bed sooner. I'm getting to know the constellations again as I'm now back to walking Lulu in the dark more often than not!

My Mom's birthday is tomorrow. She will be 77; another year has past, another page turned. We spent the afternoon walking a local trail and hanging out at McDonald's, which is what she wanted to do!

We took a selfie together, me with my muppet face and Mom looking fab at 77. In every chapter of my life, she has been there and I'm grateful for that. 

Wherever you are, your book is also being written. Pages are forming into chapters with moments of joy and laughter, pain and sadness, the human experience. But for most of us, September is a real page turner. Let's read on and see what the next chapter holds. 

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