Sunday, September 11, 2016


You know, if I was smart, I would save this blog for closer to Christmas! But I've had a hectic week and "comfort" and "joy" are what I'm seeking out right now.

My calendar, much like yours, has gone September-psycho with events filling up all the spaces and overlapping. There are music lessons, group meetings, church meetings smushed in with work, housework and a wee bit of me time.

When I was little, I had a beige blanket with a silky edge that I would snuggle and rub as I sucked on my finger. It was a great comfort to me. I don't suck my finger anymore and blankey is tucked away, but I have Lulu's silky soft ears to caress and nuzzle

These fall under the "COMFORT" category

But, then, there are her eyelashes which she bats at me and gives me what I call "the soft look" when there is food nearby.


Food is always a comforting thing and we all have our favourites. My Mom gave me what she considered as the "perfect peach". She waited and watched until it was just right. Then she gave it to her daughter. 

I barely touched this photo - it truly was the perfect peach.

Inside and out! - COMFORT

My pets often bring me comfort and joy together. Sasha, my minuscule Russian Blue, curls herself up perfectly when she sits, like a little statue. I Love the way she tucks in her tail and anchors it with her little feet!


Hey! How about some Popcorn?!

It's amazing how well this stuff goes with Red wine - COMFORT

My days for morning coffee outside in the garden will soon come to an end and I will move inside to the big comfy chair beside the fireplace. Yet, I have received much joy in my times of prayer and mediation as I gaze at what I call "the Golden Tree" in the next door neighbour's yard. It reminds me of warmth, solidness and time spent camping. 

It brings me JOY

There is a quote attributed to a number of people, including Plato that goes along this line:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a 

battle you know nothing about"

I may know of some of your battles, or I may not, but I know they are real, tangible and some are incredibly hard. 

I bring you tidings of Comfort and Joy - I hope you can search out some for yourself.

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