Sunday, August 28, 2016


We returned from our family cottage time yesterday. Unlike days or yore, my children left of their own accord due to their own busy life schedules. In a few days, my son and his new bride are taking a long car trip to British Columbia, excited with making new lives there. An adventure for sure - but hard on Mom. I appreciated our precious short cottage time together and let's not talk about it. 

Cottage life means close quarters! For Lulu, it means one-on-one 24 hours a day. 

I'm trying to enjoy my morning coffee here but Lulu insisted on a belly rub so she got right up in my chair to make her point clear. 

It means lots of time to catch up on naps. Here is Lulu again to demonstrate:

My Fitbit tsk-tsked me on the minimal number of steps I was putting in but I was making up with lots of sleep. The cottage life is the only time my alarm is not set for 5:30 am. 

It means we play lots of games! My son in law, Dan, LOVES games and brought a cartload with him.

Just look at that face! Whose the Happy Boy!!

It means lots of good food, and sunshine.


It means lots of time to read. 

I finished one book, completely read another and got halfway through the third. My usual reading time involves a few minutes on my lunch break at work and about 10 before I completely conk out at bed.

But Cottage Life means so much more to me. 

It means I listen to the sounds of water slapping the rocks and of birds like the Peewee in the forest or the startling croak of a Blue Heron. 

It means my time is measured by the sky: how long before the sun peeks out from behind a cloud as I watch it slowly light up the trees around the lake until I bask in its warmth. 

It means swimming, swimming swimming.

It means I can spend as much time as I want with my morning coffee, meditating and praying. If I know you, I've probably prayed for you this week!

The Cottage Life for me is slow down, relax, read, eat, sleep, connect. 

One week a year, 7 days out of 365 (give or take) I'm fortunate to enjoy cottage life. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program!

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