Sunday, August 7, 2016


I mentioned a couple blogs back how very hot and dry this summer has been. Our city has put us all on red alert to decrease our water use by 50%! My sweaters are beginning to wonder if we are still friends anymore; they are neglected and listless, hanging on chairs and hooks. 

In the midst of hot hazy days and endless blue skies, there are perks to enjoy, and I'm about to show them to you, so scroll on.

Outside summer concerts and definitely a summer perk.

This one took place in Port Milford way out in Prince Edward County at a summer music camp, held each year. These kids blew my mind with their talent!

The market, regardless of the lack of rain, is showing off it's bounty. I rode my bike down to check out the goods!

Who could resist these sunny faces? I did, only because I could not stuff them in my back pack.

But the vegetables and fruits could be carried so I loaded up on them.

Fresh fruit is soooooo much better than when it arrives in the dead of winter. 

The strawberry season has passed but we now have a new ever bearing type to enjoy. 

And let's not forget the vegetables to be had!

Corn on the cob anyone??

I whipped up a batch of vege chilli to enjoy

Yesterday as hubby and I were perusing the market we discovered Sheldon's bike had a flat tire. Never fear, just around the corner is a handy Bike repair shop called "The Brake Room".

This is not your average Bike Repair shop. It's hip and trendy with cool vibe music playing. 

And you can buy a snack and have a bevy while you wait!

I enjoyed this cold coffee (yes, it's coffee) while the young, hip and cool dudes fixed up Sheldon's bike. 

Enjoy the perks of summer - outdoor concerts, fresh fruit and veggies, eating al fresco, cold coffee bevies and so much more. 

And don't worry sweaters, I have not forgot you. We will soon be inseparable again. 

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