Saturday, August 13, 2016


I opened a new restaurant in my back yard last night. Actually Sheldon and I prepared it last night for the grand opening this morning. 

It is a flashy affair with an elegant hook to swing from and a shiny copper roof and perches but initially it did not cause much of a stir in the neighbourhood.

My old birdhouse came with the house, where we have now lived  for 12 years. After that length of time it was starting to malfunction. The other morning I got up to see a raccoon shuffling about underneath it. As I stepped outside (careful to keep Lulu in!) it rambled off. But what did I see sitting right inside the bird feeder mowing down on the birdseed?

It was not a bird, I can tell you that! Pretty dang adorable but I am not buying birdseed for him. 

Eventually my new restaurant started to draw some attention. 

You can always count on the curious chickadee to be the first one at the table. 

Soon I had more customers. 

A sparrow and white breasted nuthatch!

I love the art of cooking and feeding, the whole process of it and the joy and sustenance it provides. 

We have been going to the market each weekend. Everything is so fresh right now I want to take advantage of the amazing flavours at my fingertips. 

Tonight, not to be outdone by the new restaurant in my backyard, I created a dish of roasted vegetables with salmon.

Here is the recipe, should you want to give it a try!

I made a marinade of salt, pepper, garlic powder and whatever seasoning I had on hand with some olive oil. I mixed that up and put in red pepper, sweet potato, and mushroom. Once they were well oiled I roasted the pepper and potatoes at 380 degrees for about half hour on a parchment lined pan (I added the mushrooms near the end). 

The fresh market corn was husked and boiled and I just used a knife to scrape off the kernels. 

The salmon was marinaded in a maple syrup glaze and pan fried in lemon infused olive oil. NEVER overcook salmon!! 

Then I put the veggies and salmon on a bed of spring greens and sprinkled the corn on top.  I used a beautiful balsamic vinegar for a dressing but you don't really need one.

Top that off with some fresh Ciabatta and local County Cider and the birds and raccoons will be quite envious. 

Bon appetite!!

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