Sunday, May 1, 2016


Today I woke up to one of those misty May rains. Those nourishing gentle rains that changes things from brown to green, flowers start to unfurl and shyly show their glorious charms and robins have a smorgasbord on fat juicy worms. The merry month of May is here. 

I've been waiting through the long cold winter for this time of year  - HURRY UP! But, now that's it's here...SLOW DOWN!

It means I will spend a lot of time outside, puttering in the garden, checking out the goods and doing yard maintenance. 

Thanks to the "good rain", these beauties opened up this morning:

I wish I could tell you what these are, but they show up for the party every year

Yesterday, before the "good rain", I mowed the lawn. We picked up this sweet ride about two years ago.

With our old gas one, I would nearly take my arm off trying to pull the cord and start it. Eventually I would acknowledge defeat and find a strong man with the upper body strength to bring it to life. So, we invested in this little electric number. Granted the battery weighs about 40 lbs but once you charge it and drop it in place you are off and running. 

There are only 31 days in May, one of my favourite months. I hope to enjoy all the flowers, the good rains, the yard maintenance and gardening, the sweet, sweet smell of soil and new life. 

Life is in such a hurry, May is a month to remind you to slow down. 

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