Sunday, May 8, 2016


Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing Moms! I know how hard, how tirelessly and with self sacrifice, you all try to look after all your little chicks, even when they fly the coup. 

So let's start this blog off with a photo of my own amazing Mom!
That's me, with the great hairline, in my Momma's arms, along with my older sisters Heather and Heidi and my Dad. The much coveted son took another 4 years to show up and complete the family. But there's a Mom who devoted a good chunk of her life to raising 4 kids. Thanks Mom!!

I feel like I've been mothering most of my life; looking after, watching over, making sure all were accounted for and safe.

Before I had children of my own, there were pets. Check out this adorable photo:

I call it "Kittens for Everybody!"

But if you look closely you will notice all 3 of us girls (I'm in the middle) are all closely monitoring our little brother. "What are you doing with that kitten Spencer? You should be holding it securely with TWO hands!" Never mind the out for that kitten!

We are looking after, watching over, making sure all are accounted for and safe.

We are mothering!

There's a fine line between mothering and smothering and I, unfortunately, often hover on the brink. I'm pretty good, until there's some sort of transition like somebody's leaving, moving, getting married or something silly like that. Then my mother-cling on starts to kick in.

This is my daughter's Grade 12 Graduation. My daughter, Randi is the stunner in the yellow. The other beauty is Elise, the first ballerina we had live with us (I'm working on number 9 right now). Note my inclination to cling....I'm holding close. Elise was moving on and my mothering of her is losing it's grip. 

Here's another:
This is Rachel, another of our Ballerinas. She also has just graduated and about to leave us. I'm now in full-on Cling-on.

Mothering to smothering even happens at work! Here I am desperately clinging to one of my co-workers who is leaving to go back to school.

I'm trying to be brave here. I'm smiling. Sooooo happy for my baby girl! But the claw holding tightly to her arm is kinda giving it away.

I'm a natural at this mothering thing. Been doing it for years in fact. And generally speaking I'm pretty good at it. 

But you will have to pardon me when it comes to those big transitions. I may slip into (s)mothering you.

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