Sunday, May 29, 2016


Do you remember when you under the age of 10, how amazing things were? I mean everything? 
The first time you mastered riding a two wheeler?
When all the letters on the pages turned into words and suddenly you were reading and you discovered you could read anything?

Sometimes we are reminded of the wonder around us like when we experience something new. But mostly our lives seem mundane.  

So for the last couple of weeks I wanted to jump start my sense of wonder. "Lord, I said as I sipped my coffee (which was amazing, all perfectly frothy and sprinkled with cinnamon, but I have it everyday, so I didn't notice), help me see the amazing things all around me. 

I'm out on a walk during a break at work. A car goes by with two retrievers in it; one with his head hanging out the window and the other with his head popped up out of the sunroof. Their tongues are hanging out and they are the epitome of joy - Amazing.

Every single sunset and every single sunrise is Amazing.

The  technology mankind has come up with like Skype for FaceTime where one can talk to someone else and visually see them. For anyone over 40, that is Amazing.

I came across this tree in my neighbourhood. It's Amazing!

I planted Lupins about two years ago and this decided to show up:

Old man Frodo has the biggest, fluffiest feet ever - Amazing

I ran into this dog with a mohawk at a Macs Milk Store. His name is Brady.

Tomorrow when you get up, try looking with your 8-year-old eyes instead of 48-year-old (or whatever) and you will discover you still live in an amazing world and there are wonders right under your nose. In fact you, yourself, are an incredible creation. 

Enjoy that Amazing Coffee!

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