Sunday, April 24, 2016


I'm sure many of you are not at that stage of life, where you find yourself moving your son or daughter nearly every spring and fall. 

We've been doing this for over 10 years now. Yesterday was our final "move your child after school trip". Adrian is finishing his Thesis for his Masters in Civil Engineering and then he is off to be married. Rather poignant, to be at the end of this part of our life journey. So for all of you who are not quite there, here are a few pointers!

Start that trip off right! 
Tim Hortons beckons! 

It will make going through Toronto that much more uncomfortable while you are aiming to get to the other side before attempting to get off Hwy 401 to pee!

I gotta tell ya, I won't miss driving through Toronto too much!

Find the biggest vehicle you can and stuff as much as possible into it to limit the number of transfers required. 

Adrian let us off pretty easy while he was in University. For one thing, he's a minimalist so not much to move (not like another sibling, who shall remain nameless..) plus we were only moving him a short distance into another place; a temporary measure until the big wedding day. 

Welcome to the new digs! A great room in a loft, the only problem was the 3 flights up to get to it. My Fitbit was pretty happy with my stair climbing stats.

Sustenance is essential, both to fuel up and cool down any frayed nerves from moving!

Adrian took us to "Williams Fresh Cafe" on the Hamilton waterfront. This sandwich should tide you over. 

And by all means, load up on the sugar! We took a walk down James Street and stopped into a Chocolatier called "Chocolat on James" (

These will keep your motor runnin'

We then hunted down a Portuguese Bakery called "Ola", also on James Street. This has the homey feel of a family-run business. It's full of custard tarts and all things portuguesey. 

They were also incredibly cheap. We loaded up a box full of treats that only cost us $10!

Are you worried about all the calories?? Please....remember, you are walking, lifting, climbing, unpacking all day. Those calories will barely have time to sit for a cup of tea. 

A quick trip to drop off a pathetic love seat for another university student and then to the dump to wait in line for our turn to toss all that particle board stuff.

Then, the long drive home. 

If you are lucky, you will plan these excursions on fine days - not too hot and not too cold with no rain in sight. 

And when you finally turn back into your driveway, your stiff and achey muscles will give an audible sigh of bliss when you slide under the covers and turn off the light. 

That, my friends, is the traditional move your child after (or before) school trip. Depending on how many kids you have will greatly affect your trip numbers. So enjoy the quick hike up your stairs for a bed time story and tuck into bed. You will be heading down the highway before you know it! 

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  1. My mother drove me and my belongings out to university in New Brunswick at the tender age of seventeen. She decided to drive back through States. She was doing ok until at the border when she was asked if she was leaving anything behind in Canada. "Just my daughter," she tearfully declared.