Monday, May 23, 2016


We are finishing up the long May weekend aka, Victoria Day weekend or 2-4 weekend, or the official kick-off to summer and it was a glorious one! Warm and sunny with a touch of rain. Many crazy Canadians will go camping, but as much as I like camping the black flies up here at this time of the year are big and bad and hungry....very very hungry. 

That doesn't mean I still can't enjoy a good campfire! Thanks to our friends Tom and Jolie we were treated to a good one complete with treats, s'mores and an Elvis Presley karaoke sing-song. 

One of the big bonuses for me are roasted marshmallows...Mmmm...mmmmmm...Mmmm! 

I'm capturing Celeste's technique here and recording for all posterity. 
Had to try it myself. This is an automatic roasting fork that slowly rotates when you push a button. How cool is that! However, I still managed to charcoal them!

Look at those babies browning up

These were coming along nicely!

Want one?? 

Tomorrow it's back to the office and my little windowless pod. But the campfire smell is lingering in my hair and on my pants reminding me of this sticky sweet treats. Here's to a great summer ahead with lots of campfires and perfectly roasted marshmallows. 

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