Saturday, April 2, 2016


The other day I was at the bank, doing my thing at the banking machine and two people were catching up on each other's news - you know, how's the wife, how's the kids etc. etc. They were wrapping up the convo and the one fella says "take care!".

Not that I was eavesdropping, cause I wasn't, but the ending stuck with me. I heard it again between two elderly folks in McDonald's while I was picking up a latte.

But wait....there's more. I often say "take care" at the end of conversations I'm having with our palliative patients and/or their family members because, well it just makes sense giving their situations. Last week I was talking with a woman who had recently lost her mother. I was arranging for some equipment to be picked up that was still there. As I'm hanging up she says to me "take care." Wait a minute...that's my line.

So that got me musing: is this a Canadian thing? Do we/you often end conversations with a sincere Take Care? 

So I did a little investigating. I checked in with an American friend of mine. He tells me Americans often end conversations with "take care" second only to...actually I can't write what he REALLY said cause there were expletives involved. But I LOLed. 

The on-line community said the folks down south will end with "take care y'all" as opposed to our more northern "take care eh". 

In the UK - "Cheers" or "Tara" is more up their alley. They also mentioned "Catch", short for "catch you later" or "See ya."

Bye, or buh-bye is still pretty popular, especially with those under ten! Haven't heard too many 7 year olds say "take care" lately..

From what I'm hearing around this ole town, we Canadians just want everybody to be OK, to have fun but be cautious about it, to look after themselves, regardless of who ends up being President!

So let me end this by saying, here's a.....

And with utmost sincerity - Take Care!

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