Saturday, April 9, 2016


I really love having a dog! The house just is not the same without  that jingly sound the dog tags make as they clip along on the hardwood floors.

But then....there's Lulu...let me try to explain....

You know how dogs (most) love everybody and are happy just to be in your company? Lulu, not so much..

Here is Lulu when we first picked her up
Look closely into those eyes and there is a hint of "I'm not sure if I like you" in there

Pretty adorable, I know

And you just want to snuggle those ears!

She was a typical puppy looking for trouble

Sometimes dragging Frodo into it

And she's pretty good about greeting me at the door, which I love

But she has her Lulu-Lemon moments.

One time on a dark and early winter's morning we were walking along. Suddenly I'm jerked off my feet and the next thing I know I'm staring up into the morning stars as I lay on the cold ground of somebody's yard. Apparently there was a rabbit, or something. 

She will bark fiercely and randomly at anything. My billet calls them "the bark-ups". Enough to give you a minor heart attack.

She has this incredible ability to want out AS SOON AS I sit down, With a coffee, 
Or a glass of wine, 
And a blanket
And probably a cat on my lap. 

That's when she is sure to ring that blasted cowbell we attached to the door for her convenience.

And she still has that, "I'm not sure if I like you" look in her eyes. Especially when  
a) anyone comes to our door that she does not know or 
b) anyone who I happen to come across when walking her. 
Even though we have done our best to socialize her and give her nothing but love and attention, she is pretty touch and go as she sizes you up. 

In fact, she still gives ME, her Mom and Master, that look. This morning as I'm heading out the door I go to say goodbye to Lu.
See?? She's assessing if I'm going to put her in her kennel before I leave, something I have not done in over a year. But she hasn't forgotten....oh no....I don't get any of that "I will be pining until you return" look!

And here she is staring me down, waiting on the deck. Basically saying "you had better let me in or there will be hell to pay, sometime after midnight, probably close to 3:00 am"

I have a friend and as we catch up I will ask 
"How's your wife?" and he always reply (very tongue in cheek)
"Oh she's better than nuthin!"

I love having a dog...I really do. And Lulu, you're better than nuthin!

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