Sunday, April 17, 2016


Finally....finally we have spring. Temperatures have reached the goal of double digits, sun is shining, flowers are prepping for the big entrance. And most importantly, I'm ready to ride my bike!

But, safety first kids so before you "get on your bike and ride" (for all you Queen fans) it is best to give her a dusting off and good once over. 

I pulled my bike out of the back shed, to check how she faired her winter's hibernation. Already, I'm apologizing to the spiders I know will soon be hanging around in there 

I pumped up the tires.
Added some oil to the chain.
Checked all the nuts and bolts to see if anybody was loosey-goosey.
Checked the brakes. 
All A-O-K. 
Except I needed a new bike helmet so it was off to Canadian Tire for me.

Naturally I started with adult size I am an adult; 52+ years of adult in fact. But what was I thinking...I come from a long line of small headed-humans. Really, you should see my Dad. The outcome being there was no way one of the Big Girl helmets were going to come close to fitting.

So I moved over to the kids section. Hence my dilemma. Choices for helmets were as follows:

There was a minion helmet - I do love yellow...

How about this one? The pink bow and kitty ears would be a nice touch

Olaf? Can you imagine a 52-year-old woman zooming through town with this on her head?? Worse, I must be one of the only humans on the planet who have yet to see this movie!

I'm happy to say, I finally found something in the 8 year old section which was more suitable. A basic black number with no pointy ears or carrot nose. 

My bike is ready to go. I blew the bike seat last year so I fixed it with Skull and Cross bone duct tape (thanks Kelly). I may have to invest in a new seat but I think the duct tape is a nice and very Canadian touch. That's Lulu in the background, pretending she doesn't know I'm taking a picture. 

So keep an eye out all you car-driving folks. The bikes are back! We will be manoeuvring our way along side you, and pumping along, burning calories behind you. 

We are ready to ride!

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