Monday, March 28, 2016


I hope you have all had a wonder Easter Weekend! I'm one of the lucky ones who happens to have Easter Monday off which gives me time to write up this blog for you. In fact, I want to tell you an Easter story, Canadian style.

There is a great sermon called "It's Friday, but Sunday's Comin!" by Tony Compolo. Most church folks will know it but if you have never heard it check it out on You-Tube. Basically, Tony tells the story of how he preached up a storm during what he calls a "preach-off" and the congregation was high fiving and yelling amens all over.  He smugly sat down beside his pastor and basically said "see if you can beat that!". The pastor nonplussed, started slow with "It's Friday, but Sunday's Comin!" and in no time the whole church was eating out of his hand.

But this is Canada. We folks are not nearly as demonstrative eh. So here's my Easter story, Canadian style. 

In Ontario, we woke on Good Friday to a cold, ice covered landscape.

My deck chairs were nothing more than icicle holders

My crocuses were bravely trying to stay alive encased in ice


The Easter story is one of remembering that on Good Friday Christ sacrificed everything for us. He bore all our sins, past, present and anything you care to screw up in the future. ALL of em. He paid the price and we are now free. 

Our Good Friday was imprisoned in ice, unable to grow or thrive, much like you and me.


And indeed, on Easter Sunday, we Canadians (at least where I live) now had a completely different landscape to behold.

My deck was now warm and inviting! 

The crocuses are alive and blooming!

So, if you are feeling frozen and numb, take heart. There is new life and warm sun waiting on Sunday. In no time at all a miracle can happen and life is suddenly worth living. 


Happy Easter everyone!

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