Sunday, March 20, 2016


It's always a good idea to try something new when the opportunity arises. So when friends of mine, Tom and Tara, were throwing a Curling Bonspiel on Saturday I thought...hey, what the heck! Never Curled or Bonspieled before!

The night before my daughter Randi and her husband Dan wanted to play a game. Much to my surprise, they scrounged up the game "Clue". 

Do you remember this game? I think the last time I played was about 20 years ago. I'm not even sure where the kids found it in the basement. I didn't have a "Clue" how to strategize so no, I did not win. And it was Miss Scarlett, my own player, who was the killer! 

But this was some weird foreshadowing, because the next day was the Curling Bonspiel. 

Look - yellow stones! I LOVE yellow

I thought my husband had great form. He kept that stone on the straight and narrow. 

He was not on my team. He also had the Yellow stones...Randi and I played against him and Tara's husband Tom. But even though I did not have a clue, Randi and I held our own! 

At one point the stones were very close so they brought out this crazy contraption to measure which was closest. 
Figures....yellow was closer.

At the end of it all, Randi and I came out the winners. The way one keeps track of scoring in Curling is beyond me. But I took a picture of the score board and since we were the Red team, it's pretty clear who won.

I came home and did something I was much more familiar with - cooking.
Mushroom risotto with peas.

Thanks to Tara and Tom for inviting us to Curl! It was something I've never done before and I had fun! 

But Frodo kinda summed it up for me..

Haven't a Clue

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