Sunday, March 13, 2016


I think I take this multi-tasking thing too far. I had a couple of days off and wanted to look for a dress for my son Adrian's upcoming wedding. But I did soooo much more. Hence the title of this blog. So, in between coughing fits, I will get this typed up for you!

It was a misty-rainy day when I started off to Picton to check out some dress shops. My throat was cottony feeling, but I felt I was staying on top of it. It was soon pouring. No luck on the dress but I did find my book, "Growing Up Quinte" was still stocked on the shelves at a popular book store! 

The next day I met a girlfriend for sushi and afterwards we stopped in the Vintage clothing store. This is where I picked up my dress for my daughter's wedding two years ago. Lo and behold, I found not one but 2 dresses! A silvery late 1960's cocktail dress and the other a sea-green elegant number that needs a little nip and tuck for me. The owner gushed about how amazing my backside looked in it. I generally ignore by backside (it's all behind me). By that afternoon, someone was dropping razors down my throat. Talking or swallowing was excruciating! I had succumbed!!

On Saturday, sick or not, we were travelling to Hamilton with my daughter and son-in-law to hang out with Adrian and his fiancĂ©. I was pretty much voiceless! But I can still take pics, so here they come!

We stopped at Bitten, a local bakery that specializes in Cupcakes and whoopee pies. 

If you are on Locke Street, by all means, stop in!

They are worth every bite!

We went to the Botanical Gardens where the upcoming wedding will be and checked out the grounds. It will be a beautiful spot for a wedding!

Adrian, being silly...

Silly, but great taste! He has been trying to get us to a local restaurant called "The Bread Bar" and now I know why. We had made reservations, only available if you have 6 or more people otherwise, I suggest you put you name in for a table a good hour before you want to eat, cause that's how long it will take to get in. 

Carolyn, Adrian's finance and I, shared our meal. We started with an appetizer of roasted brussel sprouts mixed in a hoisin sauce and sprinkled with sesame and shaved apple. 

Blow. My. Mind.
Baby, hit me one more time

I really did not need anything else. 

But, we also ordered a pizza to share. Ours was a squash and mushroom with sage and sweet caramelized onions. 

It was also the size of a small planet!
All ingredients were fresh, and the sourdough crust thick and chewy. 

The rest of the family ordered a meatier pizza, also the size of a small planet!

We have this very silly thing in Ontario where we move our clocks ahead 1 hour in the spring and back 1 hour in the fall. Sorry, we are usually very practical....But in the spring that means you lose an hour's sleep and last night was the allocated time. I spent most of the night coughing and I'm pooped.

So for dinner, I warmed up the rest of the sprouts and a piece of pizza. It was delicious with a glass of red wine. 

Tomorrow it's back to work and I'm hoping the coughing stage I'm now in will soon move on. 

This was a lengthy blog and thanks for hanging in and reading the whole thing! Now excuse me, I need some fresh kleenex! Or, another order of those sprouts. BLOW. MY. MIND.

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