Sunday, February 28, 2016


At the beginning of the month I started back to Hot Yoga, cause it's winter and cold out there but in Hot Yoga, it's like a summer beach party on a hot, hot day! 

Well, perhaps I'm stretching it a bit. It is very hot in there but it is not very beach party-ish. People are there to get limber and re-centered. It is a de-stressor and talking is strictly prohibited. 

We is all business on the other side of this door!

Unless, of course you are going to a privately arranged yoga class that my daughter put together for the girls she is house mother to. 

My Zen daughter and organizer extraordinaire (I promised her I'd trim her big arms. For some reason in our family we are little women with big muscular looking arms)

Then it is more like a beach summer party! Cause the girls are giggly and actually talk during the yoga class.

The girls getting ready for Hot Yoga

I admit, it was an easy, basic class, but I enjoyed the usually somber room filled with these young girls learning the ins and outs of yoga!

They giggled at such positions as "happy baby" and used each other as support while trying to do the tree pose. They totally lost it in the  "crane or crow" pose. Only my handsome son-in-law managed to nail that one. 

All in all, it was a good glass! The girls all loved it and I certainly loved sharing it with them. 

Next week, I'm back to the somber and serious business of a public class. And that's OK. But every now and then, it would be good to throw in a class filled with teenagers, who don't take life so seriously. 

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